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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Working on a new blog...

Since becoming mommy to my little stud muffin seven months ago, my whole world has changed...I've changed. I've gone from stay at home wife/mommy and student to "working wife/mommy" and student. Perhaps my most challenging role yet.I've graduated with my Associate and begun working on my bachelor's degree. It's a strange, yet welcome feeling. I celebrate the person I am becoming wholeheartedly. That little boy is my pride and joy! I guess I just didn't think that even the little things that don't necessarily involve him directly would change. I'm at an interesting point in my life to say the least. My attitude is changing, my desires are changing, my likes are style is changing. I'm becoming more confident in some ways and more vulnerable in others.
To celebrate this I've been working on another blog...I haven't gotten very far, mostly due to time constraints. That and I'm trying to decide how to go about it. I'd really love to try and have it designed specifically for working mom's and make it something of an escape/help source for working mom's. While I have much respect and LOVE for the SAHM community, I am not able to be one. There is much more out there for the SAHM community than there is for the Working mamma's. If you're a SAHM...please under no circumstance misunderstand what I am trying to say...I envy you in many ways, believe me! Some of us just don't have that option.
As I was saying, I would love to eventually have it professionally designed and devote adequate time to updating it...meanwhile I'm in the planning phase.

We'll see how it goes. :)

In other little bitty baby, is a baby no more! He's a big 7 month old teething, feisty, lovable little monster ;)
I LOVE that little monster more than I can say!!!! <3 He is full of personality, and let's not forget the "tude"! As in ATTITUDE, lol. Strong-willed child! We will be sure to start "channeling" that "tude" as soon as he is able to grasp the concept. We've already had to start with the "no-no" and "good boy"! Mmmm-hmmm! You read right! He's already testing us! What amazes me is the fact that whether he chooses to do it anyway or not, he understands it! If we keep saying no-no (for example when he tries to tear off bits of the plants outside on the porch), he'll look right at us with that "...what, this plant?...but are you sure I can't just know...just a little piece....come on...let me try...see watching mommy?!". He's too funny!Oh I have my hands full ;)

Well, I suppose I should be getting to some schoolwork...I hope you are all well. What do you think about the blog? Any working mamma's out there?