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Sunday, October 28, 2012

I did it again!!

Yes, I did. I started a new blog- again. The first attempt was a flop and just didn't feel right so here we are and so far I like the design and hopefully since it's a newer version of blogger I won't have the same photo issues!! I'm excited to give it a shot. I've been such a slacker at documenting this pregnancy so I hope that I can keep it up! Poor peanut has been neglected. It's true what they say about subsequent're so busy before you know it it's over!! I can't believe we're at 15 weeks.

For any who are interested. Here's the new address:

Wish me luck!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

 I am seriously annoyed with blogger randomly flipping my photos and I have no clue how to switch them back! Ugh!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Miracles do happen...sometimes even more than once!

We are so excited to be expecting miracle number 2 on (or around) April 18th! Praise GOD! I hope this announcement in some way makes up for my absence on here (yet again). I've been pretty sick this time around and combined with work and taking care of my todzilla I've been pretty much wiped out. We are 12 weeks this week and I hope to be able to tell you that the sickness is gone in the next few weeks and I'll be back to feeling human again.

I am still so humbled and shocked, excited and just a plain & simple hormonal mess! Just for the record...couldn't be happier!

GOD is doing some serious work on my (our) heart(s) and we are in the middle of some serious decision making and "leap of faith" taking...

Prayers are much appreciated. We have so much to "figure out" and of course more than anything we are praying for the health of our little baby bean and our little boo (who is growing up way too fast I may add!!).I will leave you with a few photos...much love!

(fyi...if anyone has any idea why blogger uploads my photos sideways, please let me know what I am doing wrong!)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

My sister's wedding continued....

The photos from the wedding... a couple of my favorites! Credit goes to Gabriel Mellan from beexplosive. He and his lovely assistant did an amazing job! There are so many more! Congratulations to the lovebirds! So happy for you! We wish you a lifetime of happy memories!!! The cake was made by myself and my wonderful husband! :) 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Working towards our goal!

I'm sure by now it's no secret. There's nothing I want more in this life than to be a wife and mother. It is what I feel God created me to do. I've mentioned several times over the last two years since Jaden arrived how flustered, disorganized and tired I've been since returning to work. Our home has never been in such disarray as it has been and we've never been more stressed. We just can't seem to "get it together" and not for lack of trying. We make a great team...really we do. Josh has been amazing at taking on certain tasks of caring for Jaden and household chores but we still can't make it work. Not long ago we just looked at each other and we talked about how things ran so smoothly when I was a homemaker. Though financially it was tough (and it will only get tougher as those pesky student loans kick in) but we had a handle on the "to do's". Our home, though not loaded with fancy decor and such, felt like a home.
Then there is that frightening reality that Jaden is growing up so fast and before we know it he will be "ready for school". Neither one of us really wants our little man in school. We want to home-school our child(ren).
There is a bit of fear that stirs in my heart when I realize how quickly time passes, particularly with a child. There is also however, this little sense of peace with that decision as if God is saying "just trust me on this one"...
I can't really explain it. From a worldly (financial) perspective it seems utterly ridiculous given our current circumstances but my heart and my husband's heart cannot let go of the idea.
We pray every day for God to give us the signs of reassurance that we need to make the right decision. It is a difficult one to make. We have a goal in mind in regards to a time-frame. Time's a tickin' and I'm getting more and more nervous/excited! 
I'm looking forward to sharing some more things with you over the next several weeks! For instance...our move into a slightly larger space! I'm hoping that it will work better for our family and feel more like home! ...and Jaden's BIG 2nd birthday! Lord help me not to have a "mommy meltdown"...I blinked and my baby turned into a little boy! A handsome one at that!

Much love to you all!

My little sister's wedding!

The cake! My sweet husband helped me create. Couldn't have pulled it off without him! It was a lot of work and I nearly had a meltdown because I didn't want to disappoint! Praise GOD- miracles happen! It was an honor to be able to do this for my sister!:D
 The pretty "lemons & lace" theme was amazing! Loved the yellows, creams, etc! Ever so stylish! Typical for my fashionista sis!
The handsome young man who stole my matron of honor boquet and kept saying "mommy pity flowas"!

It was absolutely breathtaking! The most beautiful wedding I've seen! 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

In the works...

I've been busy around here. Which partially explains my absence from the blogging world! Here's a sneak peak!


Hope you enjoy taking a look! I've been praying, planning and working on these projects for quite some time. I'm still hoping that some day I'll be able to use the gifts I feel God has blessed me with to stay home with my child(ren)!

I'd love your feedback!

Oh- and for anyone who loves homemade soaps and mom has become quite excellent at making them! I use no other soaps at this point! I've been quite blessed to be her tester! Check out her site too!!


Have a great night!!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

No idea where to start...

It's a tad unusual for me how difficult it has been not only to make the time to write but also to decide what to write. Honestly there just isn't a whole lot that goes on around here other than the bare necessities...dishes, laundry, go to work, supper, bathe the todzilla, pass out. Repeat. 

There are some things I'd love to write about and just can't seem to get it all "on paper" because my mind is racing too much to get it all out.

The most exciting thing to talk about is naturally my little monster! Boy he is changing sooo very much! He's a full blown toddler folks! Tantrums and all. The tantrums really just started he's generally the sweetest kid I've ever known but this past week he's been quite testy (little stink bug).The sad part is he knows he's funny too and he uses it against me (I'm working on my "stern mommy" intimidation factor). Truth is, I hate disciplining him. Make no mistake, he is and will continue to be corrected when he does wrong. It is after all the only way to learn. I just HATE doing it. I love that little boy so very much it literally hurts to have to discipline him.

Some fun facts about my little (almost 2) year old:

  • He's potty training!!! He's going pretty regularly in the potty (pee pee and poopie!!)
  • Munchkin's refusing to eat with a toddler fork (has been for as long as I can remember)-uses a regular adult size fork
  • Brushes with a regular size toothbrush
  • loves just about any type of food (unless he's just not in the mood)
  • Yogurt is probably one of his favorite things in the world. Particularly the organic fruit/veggie kind
  • He's impossible to bathe or lotion or diaper at this point. He cannot sit still.
  • He's always busy talking and "doing" something.
  • That little Superman can lift some things that shock me. He pushes around our chair and table in the living room all the way into the kitchen! What?!
  • He is talking like a champ! He's saying full sentences now!
  • The other morning I nearly died when he said "mommy much" and grabbed me really tight! The significance behind that is the fact that I say "Mommy loves you so very much" every morning and every night before night night.
  • Whenever he feels scared that we won't come back he always says "Mommy be back" or "Daddy be back"
  • I feel bad that he is alone so in no kids to play with. We don't have any friends around with children and the only real time he has with other kids is that hour or so at church. Hoping it doesn't take another 7 years to have more children.
  • He loves the cats! His best friend is my mom and dad's kitten Yoda. Those two are inseparable!
  • He is the BIGGEST ham! Total opposite of me BUT he is sweet and sensitive ( I like to think that is something he gets from I am told at least)
  • The kid has a sense of humor well beyond his age. He loves to do say things and go "haha I funny!"
Oh I could keep going for days...he is a true blessing. Exhausting at times but wouldn't trade any amount of rest for him! We say all the time that he filled a HUGE gap in our hearts! Our little miracle!

Friday, July 27, 2012

No, we have not fallen off the face of the earth!

Though one might think so when checking out my blog these days! I don't even really know exactly what happened or how. Life just got super busy and before I knew it nearly a year had passed. My little family is doing well...Jaden is beautiful and growing into this amazing little man! He's changed so much and while I am incredibly proud of the little person he has become I have to hold back the tears looking back at those fleeting moments captured in those early photos. Cliche maybe but time flies when you have a little love to chase around. Particularly when you work too. I hope to share much more with you all again in the coming weeks and months...hopefully years. I miss hangin' around here. I've every so often stopped by to check on you all and boy there have been some exciting changes! :) Congrats to all the new "Mamma's to be"!!! 

Much Love,