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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Still alive...

...I promise! Just really busy! :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We're in GA!!!

We have safely arrived! Been super busy! I posted new photos on facebook for all those who have it ;) Hope everyone is doing well! Much love!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


...but wouldn't trade it for the world! Let me start off by saying that what I'm saying shouldn't be thought of as's nothing of the sort. I consider myself blessed to be experiencing's a crazy ride, but I've never felt more "whole". Everything in life has more meaning now that my little monkey is here! All this love in my heart (for a tiny person)
is something I wasn't sure if I would ever have the opportunity to feel...and for that I am so very thankful! That being said, I'm wooped ladies! I AM WIPED OUT!I'm sure by now you've all noticed my posts becoming less and less frequent. My comments on your blogs are practically non-existant. Make no mistake, it's nothing personal. I appreciate your bloggy friendships...the advice, encouragement, and love you show me is a blessing. It's been nice to get to know so many women willing to share their lives and experiences.
Anyway, the whole reason for my absence is that, well, I am a wife, I have a two month old, I'm a full time college student, looking for employment, in the middle of a move from one state to the get the idea. Yes, when I see it all written down I can't help but think I might be borderline INSANE! I have no intention of discontinuing my blog, in fact I hope to get back to some semblance of a schedule...I love blogging...but I don't forsee that happening until little man decides he likes schedules. Ladies, I could possibly have the world's most inconsistent baby! LOL! From the womb this boy was completely unpredictable. Everything in his time, his way...everyday is different! He still doesn't really sleep too much at night. No matter what I do, his feeding schedule is all out of whack, he's just plain and simple his own little person! Which is fine...but mommy sure is gonna try to get some sort of schedule going...for her sanity's sake. Anyone who thinks GOD doesn't have a sense of humor, send them my way...I'd like to tell them a story of a strict schedule lovin' mamma who got the sweetest, cutest, no schedule lovin' unpredictable baby...aka ME.

So...I will be moving this weekend. From FL to GA. I am happy to say good-bye. Neither of us were happy here and it just never felt like "home". Excited for what the future holds for our little family. We keep telling ourselves,
"this is our year"...and believe me I am praying it is! We've had some crazy and difficult years and we are ready for a break! Baby J sure is the perfect start!
Thank you to those who gave me advice with the resume. I figured as much, but wanted to make sure. It's been a while and I haven't had much luck finding work where we lived the last two years.

I still have so much to do in the next couple of days, along with my schoolwork (including my mid-term). I hope I can manage.

So...if you don't hear from me for a while, I WILL BE BACK. You can always keep up with me on facebook if you have it :) Much love to you all!


PS- Baby Bennett is expected to come home next week!!!! PRAISE GOD! That is such awesome news. You can find out more about him by clicking on his little button on the right side of my blog :) Go Baby Bennett. Remember to keep praying for Brayden. He's still having some issues. He and his mommy and daddy spent the holidays in the please keep them in your prayers. His button is also on the side of my blog.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

I need help...

At the risk of looking totally pathetic I'm going to go ahead and ask you ladies for advice. I'm working on updating my resume...I need to find a job ASAP and it's been an odd several years. I've mostly worked seasonal positions for the last few years and been a full time student/homemaker. Plus we moved a lot. So as far as my "work history" is concerned, it doesn't look so great on paper. My degree is a career change and so I have no real experience in the field of work that I am looking for. What I did in the military is similar, but not the exact same thing. My question is this: For the work history should I include only the experience in the military or all of my previous work...and if I include all...what do I do about the gaps in between. Help!

Dear Breastfeeding...

This is IT! This is your last chance!!!! You are costing me my last little bit of sanity and LORD knows I cannot lose my sanity right now. Either by this time next week you show some sign of working out or I AM DONE! There is WAY too much else going on right now and my poor kid is growing and HUNGRY! Thank you very much!!!

the lady who's on the verge of losing it!!!!

Two months...


Monday, January 3, 2011

The struggles continue...

Yup...still at it! Barely. Still trying to figure out what in the world will help me nurse my child! Maybe I'm a fool for trying for this long. I don't know. Along with what I wrote about in the previous blog post about my breastfeeding struggles, I am now taking 9 pills of Fenugreek seed per day, 9 pills of Blessed Thistle and drinking a little bit of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea.It was beginning to help some (not nearly enough to sustain Jaden...but enough to make trying worth it), and then yesterday I noticed that my supply was dwindling again! Not to mention that there is a major difference in the amount of milk each breast produces! What the heck? Seriously! If my left breast makes about 2 oz, my right breast might give me 2/3 of an oz! Hardly worth the effort and discomfort it takes to get that 2/3 of an oz.I told the midwife about my issues and she seems to think no meds are necessary, that I should just keep trying...and the last time I was able to get ahold of the lactation nurse she had said I've tried everything natural already, that I could ask the midwife for meds?!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

8 weeeks and baby's first...

New Year!!!

At 8 weeks so much is changing!!! :) The little tiny bundle I came home with is getting bigger and chubbier every day! Little man is now 25" long! He was 20" when we brought him home! I haven't had a chance to weigh him, but I'd guess he's easily 12 lbs (probably more). This little guy is loaded with personality...he's feisty and strong-willed, curious, and pretty stinkin' cute! We've started talking a talking I mean cooh's and such...we're saying "ah-goo" now, which let me just say absolutely makes me swoon! Smiles are no longer just reserved for little whispers from the angels in his sleep...occasionally he'll smile at me when I do something silly...but make no mistake, this kid's smart...he really makes me work for it! Still not a huge fan of tummy time but has some pretty awesome head control for a little 8 week old munchkin (at least in my opinion). Strong as can be too! Those little legs can kick pretty hard! Sometimes I wonder if he's trying to crawl before he starts turning over...when I put him on his tummy and walk away for one minute to grab some water or something...he's managed to scoot himself to the other end of the mat. Drooling and "licking an ice-cream cone" aka his hand, has become a new favorite past time (if he weren't so young I'd say he was teething...but according to the books he's still too young for that). He loves staring at things...taking everything in! Oh and baths...still loves those. He's quite the snuggle bug too! Every afternoon we lie on the couch together for a nap (mostly Jaden gets to nap)and just snuggle for a couple of hours! No matter what needs to get done! It's priceless...I'll miss that so much when I do go back to work!
Sleeping at night, schedule or "routine" and breastfeeding continue to be a thorn in my side but we're working on it. All I can say is He's so worth it! :)
Happy 8 weeks my big boy!