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Friday, October 28, 2011

Cloth's really not that scary!

I can't believe I was so concerned about cloth diapers! I remember how much I stressed out about which choice to make in the beginning. In the ended up choosing the more expensive and wasteful route against my better judgement, but we have been slowly making changes around these parts.

I believe altogether the cost so far is approximately $200, maybe $225... (that's roughly what we were spending in diapers every 3 or so months)I started with 6 diapers (just to be sure I was willing to do this) and now have approximately 20. 2 diaper pail liners, 2 diaper bins (one for my house and one for my moms)as well as one diaper sprayer, laundry detergent, and two all natural (cloth diaper safe) tubes of diaper rash ointment.

While I really like bumgenius and I've heard only good things about them, I do think they are a bit pricey. We tried the Kawaii brand with the first 6 and to be honest they work just fine. Occasionally (usually at night) we have a littl bit of leakage...but nothing that's worth switching back to disposables. The Kawaii diapers are about $13 less per diaper than the bumgenius.
My friend found an excellent website where they even have them without shipping and handling costs!

Jaden had been dealing with some diaper rash quite frequently and since switching he hasn't had near as much diaper rash as he did before.

The only complaint that I have is the fact that the pee pee smell is hard to get rid of. Since you cannot use regular detergent, it never really eliminates the smell. I'm thinking about trying the Thirsties pre-soak treatment to start with and go from there. I am shocked that even after all the poopy diapers...the diapers aren't the least bit stained! I was very impressed!

So far so good!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I heart my boys!

Jaden's First Birthday Invites are ordered!

Jaden's First Birthday!!! Ahhh! It's almost here!

We did it!

We've ordered our first stash of Cloth Diapers! Woo hoo! This mamma's pretty excited about it!

PS-Aren't they just adorable!

Why can't I be super-mom, dang it!

As I sit here up to my eyeballs in Research crap, er...paper resources and notes...watching and listening to my boys play, I am painfully reminded of how hard it is to get it all done and still fit in "the little things". It's been a stressful few weeks around our home. Everything is requiring attention NOW and with my current class (Research Writing-ARGH!), I've had nothing but one fire after the nex to attempt to extinquish. Work is going well, but it occupies so much of my day that by the time I drag my hindside home after picking up Jaden...I feel useless. Yet it is at that time that my 2nd and 3rd occupation begin. I prepare Jaden his dinner, bathe him (yes, this boy requires nightly should see him post-dinner!), I put him to bed...finish dinner and eat all the while cleaning the kitchen...maybe throwig a load in the wash (that usually sits in the basket until the weekend upon which time we've rummaged through it enough times for it to require re-folding. Once all this is accomplished I sit in front of the computer in an attempt to complete at least part of an assignment. This has been particularly difficult this month as I've had nothing but problems with my current instructor.

My baby is growing up so fast I can hardly wrap my mind around home is in shambles. I hate chaos, disorganization and uncleanliness but I can barely find time to get the dishes done and dinner made most days. On the weekend I do what I can, but lets face it. It's my only time with boo and the only time to play "catch up" on school.

I just want to be super-mom. I want a clean home that is not only tidy but perfectly cozy and relaxed. I want to ensure my family is happy, healthy and feels loved. I want to find the time to take care of myself at least enough to ensure I don't scare anyone on my grocery run... (only I would run into an old friend from high school whom I have not seen in 10 years the one day I decide to just go sans make-up because I ran out of time to do my make-up).
I would love to see my "to do" list shrink, not multiply by 4 daily. get the idea, right?

How do these other mom's do it?!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

An invaluable lesson learned.

I find myself staring into space thinking about the fact that the last year has flown by quite regularly these days. With Jaden's first birthday rapidly approaching I replay things that occurred and find myself realizing that things aren't usually as complicated as we think when we are going through them. There are so many things that I would do different if I had the chance to do them again. The funniest thing about that statement is this...If I could do it over...I would have gone with my gut a whole lot more than I did. Two of the biggest examples follow.

Example #1:

The Breastfeeding. This was a sore subject for us as it caused Jaden and I much grief those first three months of his life. I wanted to Breastfeed him sooo badly and I wish things would have worked out. No I don't think I'm a bad mommy for feeding him formula and no, I don't think that it "hurt" him in anyway. Nor do I judge those who choose to use formula from the beginning, but let's be real here....breastmilk is the BEST and most NATURAL thing for your baby. It is perfectly designed by GOD to nourish our babies. Not to mention it's such a sweet and special time between mommy and baby. I often look back feeling as though we both "missed out". Don't get me wrong...I tried everything I knew to do.

Here's where that "do it over" bit comes into play:

The first two days of Jaden's life. That's where the mistake happened. I'm the one who is at fault because I went against my better judgement and let the nurse scare my insecure first time mommy self into deciding to give him that bottle at the hospital.

From the first time I tried to nurse Jaden he knew "how"...the problem wasn't "figuring it out". The problem was this, Jaden was just born...jaundice...and impatient.

When he was born he didn't really want eat much. I would try to nurse him over and over and he would simply fall asleep at the breast. My gut told me, no big deal, he will eat when he is truly hungry. He did after all just go through quite the marathon labor, as had I. We had both just spent 48 hours working on bringing him into the world safely.

Enter the worst nurse I've ever met. Looking back now I'd have a few not so friendly things to say to her..."please leave my room and get me a different nurse" comes to mind over and over. Why I didn't have the guts to say it to her back then I don't know...

This woman literally was so rough with him and aggravated him to "wake" him and get him to nurse that Jaden was screaming! She made me feel (on more than one occasion) like a bad mommy for not getting him to eat. Granted, the hospital we were at unfortunately was one at which a large percentage of the mommy's were VERY YOUNG, POOR, and often IRRESPONSIBLE...according to the nurse who delivered Jaden (the only one I LOVED...and only got to see during that short time). Apparently they were used to needing to be more forceful with so many of the mothers...BUT that gave them no right to treat me that way.

After dealing with that nurse and letting her scare me into thinking that my baby was either going to starve or not be allowed to go home because he isn't eating I gave in and fed him that bottle...and that was it. I'm pretty sure that's when he decided...well it's easier and makes me full faster. Which in turn messed up my milk supply and there went my hopes of nursing.

I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN better...he had plenty of wet and dirty diapers. He was acting just fine until they stuck him under that light all ALONE. (That is a whole other story...I was scolded for holding him to attempt to nurse him and give him time "skin to skin" because he cried so much while he had to lay underneath that lamp).

Next time...I'll be less time I will put my foot down.


The diapering. I had wanted to go with cloth pretty much long before I even got pregnant. For multiple reasons. The financial burden and the environment being two of the main ones.

Again, I caved thinking it wouldn't work out because we had so much going on and with all of the changes ahead I couldn't fathom how this COULD work. True, it would have been hard at times, but impossible? Hardly.

When I look back on how much $ we spent on diapers and formula over the last year...I cringe. $ that could be sitting in his college fund right now. Not that he wasn't worth it...he's worth so much more than the money spent on those things, but my point is...this money could have been used for something he would be able to use much longer than a diaper or a bottle of formula will last.

Needless to say, now that things are settling into more of a routine, we will be making the switch to cloth.

To all the mommy to be ladies out there, don't let anyone scare you into anything. Go with your gut. Unless you trust someone 100% don't listen to them. GOD has designed us to "know" what to do...we may let people make us insecure...but the truth is we already "know" what to do and how to do it.

I wish I had understood that and stood up for myself and my baby.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

He loves to swing!

until he just can't anymore!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'll take one of each please...

in chocolate brown, please...

cutest little braclet!

super cute heels...these are PERFECT for work!

also perfect for work...this top!

nude polish!

skinny rings!

Love love love! ;)

Oh my sweet boy!

Jaden Boo at 10 months old!

You are getting so very BIG! I've been SUPER EMOTIONAL lately! I am SO VERY PROUD of the little "man" you've become and I feel so HONORED to be your mamma! I just have a VERY DIFFICULT time wrapping my mind around the fact that you're FIRST BIRTHDAY is just around the corner. I've gone through the DENIAL/PROCRASTINATION (in hopes of keeping you little longer...) to coming to the ACCEPTANCE/PLANNING in full swing mode over the last couple of days. I wish I could make it perfect. You deserve a PERFECT DAY! I love you so very much and I cannot imagine my life with out your smile. Even if more babies of our own are not in GOD's plan for our lives...only time will tell...I WILL BE THANKFUL...SO VERY THANKFUL, that you surprised us last year! The greatest gift of my life! MUAH!

Love mommy!!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ssssshhhhh...Angel sleeping!

Our sleeping Angel on the way home from church! <3

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ooooh to cut or not to cut!?!

I know, I know...I said I wasn't going to do this again. Problem is...I get bored. Especially with my hair! Ugh! Since my pregnancy with Jaden, my hair has been doing some strange things. Very strange. It went through this disgustingly oily phase (I mean NOTHING helped!). It went through a major FRIZZ phase. A flat/falling out phase, and even in between there a very BRIEF looks kinda nice again phase.Well, that phase has passed. Now I'm apparently back at the oily/flat phase. So, naturally, I want to chop it off.

If I decide to get some guts....


I heart fall!!

It's likely my favorite season of all! The colors, flavors and scents, the temperature is just brisk enough with out requiring too many layers, sweaters...oh I do love a cozy sweater!
What's not to love about it?!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Too cute...

Just one more precious reason why I love woodland creatures! Oh it's so cute!!!