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Thursday, May 5, 2011

My baby... 6 months old!?! He's a beautiful, strong-willed, cuddly, feisty, smart, silly little bundle of love!!! He hates to be alone, always wants to be held and played with (which I happen to LOVE). When he's not happy about something he has quite the little "tude"!!!! He loves to eat big boy nummies!!! He's had carrots and sweet potatoes so far and squash is next. He loves to watch and "yell"/ grunt at the kitties...who simply turn toward him as if to say "oh...the pink thing's still here". He loves the color red....cell phones (because of the lights)....his easter bunny and his baby book are his favorite toys right now (well...maybe his toes). He loves music as much as his daddy does...if he's crying and we play familiar music he settles right down.He watches his daddy play guitar intently and smiles. He loves to play rough...yup, he's all boy! (oh boy!!!) He loves when Josh tosses the pillow on top of him...or throws him in the air...or when we play "Jaden on the cobb" where we hold him up in the air and nibble at his sides...he finds it hilarious when i fake cough at him (don't ask...)so much so that he's started mimicking me! (way to go mommy!)Sometimes he says what sounds like mum-mum and dai-dai....oh he's growing up so fast!!!

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  1. What a handsome fella!!!!! 6 months old, where does the time go???