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Thursday, July 7, 2011

We're still here...

Yes, I's getting old! "busy, busy, busy"...but I am still here, contrary to the way it looks around these parts. I try to check in on you all several times a week. I've been very happy to read up on some happy changes for some of you! :) Josh, Jaden and I are doing well. Our little guy is getting so big! I wish I could hold and cuddle him all day, every day! I'm still planning to try and catch up on posting photos of Jaden. I've been taking them, I just haven't posted them. This photo is from Father's Day, I love the way it turned out <3


  1. Good to "see" you all :) What a cutie Jaden is!!!

  2. Hi Nadine! Miss you :-) Hope you're all settled in GA and lovin' life! Sending a hug...~Kristin (used to be from Windy new digs now ;-))