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Thursday, September 1, 2011

My mess...

I wish I had the guts to show you...the complete utter disaster that is my home/life right now. It's almost humerous really. Most days all I can do is chuckle...GOD has a sense of humor. I've always known that. In recent months it's just become more and more obvious that I'll never be in control, nor will I be able to get it all done. I've learned to let go in many ways, but in others it's about to drive me bananas. I love and crave order, beauty and peace. None of the above resemble my home/life in its current state. Moving is a pain. Moving with a 10 month old, full time job and full time school schedule. Absolutely ridiculous! I have a weeks worth of (clean) laundry on the couch, mail piled on the printer, boxes yet to be unpacked, and zero energy to do anything constructive. By the time I sit to do my homework I typically stare at the screen with a blank brain that just doesn't want to "think" anymore.

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