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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Why can't I be super-mom, dang it!

As I sit here up to my eyeballs in Research crap, er...paper resources and notes...watching and listening to my boys play, I am painfully reminded of how hard it is to get it all done and still fit in "the little things". It's been a stressful few weeks around our home. Everything is requiring attention NOW and with my current class (Research Writing-ARGH!), I've had nothing but one fire after the nex to attempt to extinquish. Work is going well, but it occupies so much of my day that by the time I drag my hindside home after picking up Jaden...I feel useless. Yet it is at that time that my 2nd and 3rd occupation begin. I prepare Jaden his dinner, bathe him (yes, this boy requires nightly should see him post-dinner!), I put him to bed...finish dinner and eat all the while cleaning the kitchen...maybe throwig a load in the wash (that usually sits in the basket until the weekend upon which time we've rummaged through it enough times for it to require re-folding. Once all this is accomplished I sit in front of the computer in an attempt to complete at least part of an assignment. This has been particularly difficult this month as I've had nothing but problems with my current instructor.

My baby is growing up so fast I can hardly wrap my mind around home is in shambles. I hate chaos, disorganization and uncleanliness but I can barely find time to get the dishes done and dinner made most days. On the weekend I do what I can, but lets face it. It's my only time with boo and the only time to play "catch up" on school.

I just want to be super-mom. I want a clean home that is not only tidy but perfectly cozy and relaxed. I want to ensure my family is happy, healthy and feels loved. I want to find the time to take care of myself at least enough to ensure I don't scare anyone on my grocery run... (only I would run into an old friend from high school whom I have not seen in 10 years the one day I decide to just go sans make-up because I ran out of time to do my make-up).
I would love to see my "to do" list shrink, not multiply by 4 daily. get the idea, right?

How do these other mom's do it?!

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