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Friday, July 27, 2012

No, we have not fallen off the face of the earth!

Though one might think so when checking out my blog these days! I don't even really know exactly what happened or how. Life just got super busy and before I knew it nearly a year had passed. My little family is doing well...Jaden is beautiful and growing into this amazing little man! He's changed so much and while I am incredibly proud of the little person he has become I have to hold back the tears looking back at those fleeting moments captured in those early photos. Cliche maybe but time flies when you have a little love to chase around. Particularly when you work too. I hope to share much more with you all again in the coming weeks and months...hopefully years. I miss hangin' around here. I've every so often stopped by to check on you all and boy there have been some exciting changes! :) Congrats to all the new "Mamma's to be"!!! 

Much Love,



  1. So good to see you!! Jaden is getting SO big, he looks like a lot of fun :) Enjoy the summer with your sweet boy!

  2. Thanks Ladies! Good to be back! :)