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Friday, August 3, 2012

No idea where to start...

It's a tad unusual for me how difficult it has been not only to make the time to write but also to decide what to write. Honestly there just isn't a whole lot that goes on around here other than the bare necessities...dishes, laundry, go to work, supper, bathe the todzilla, pass out. Repeat. 

There are some things I'd love to write about and just can't seem to get it all "on paper" because my mind is racing too much to get it all out.

The most exciting thing to talk about is naturally my little monster! Boy he is changing sooo very much! He's a full blown toddler folks! Tantrums and all. The tantrums really just started he's generally the sweetest kid I've ever known but this past week he's been quite testy (little stink bug).The sad part is he knows he's funny too and he uses it against me (I'm working on my "stern mommy" intimidation factor). Truth is, I hate disciplining him. Make no mistake, he is and will continue to be corrected when he does wrong. It is after all the only way to learn. I just HATE doing it. I love that little boy so very much it literally hurts to have to discipline him.

Some fun facts about my little (almost 2) year old:

  • He's potty training!!! He's going pretty regularly in the potty (pee pee and poopie!!)
  • Munchkin's refusing to eat with a toddler fork (has been for as long as I can remember)-uses a regular adult size fork
  • Brushes with a regular size toothbrush
  • loves just about any type of food (unless he's just not in the mood)
  • Yogurt is probably one of his favorite things in the world. Particularly the organic fruit/veggie kind
  • He's impossible to bathe or lotion or diaper at this point. He cannot sit still.
  • He's always busy talking and "doing" something.
  • That little Superman can lift some things that shock me. He pushes around our chair and table in the living room all the way into the kitchen! What?!
  • He is talking like a champ! He's saying full sentences now!
  • The other morning I nearly died when he said "mommy much" and grabbed me really tight! The significance behind that is the fact that I say "Mommy loves you so very much" every morning and every night before night night.
  • Whenever he feels scared that we won't come back he always says "Mommy be back" or "Daddy be back"
  • I feel bad that he is alone so in no kids to play with. We don't have any friends around with children and the only real time he has with other kids is that hour or so at church. Hoping it doesn't take another 7 years to have more children.
  • He loves the cats! His best friend is my mom and dad's kitten Yoda. Those two are inseparable!
  • He is the BIGGEST ham! Total opposite of me BUT he is sweet and sensitive ( I like to think that is something he gets from I am told at least)
  • The kid has a sense of humor well beyond his age. He loves to do say things and go "haha I funny!"
Oh I could keep going for days...he is a true blessing. Exhausting at times but wouldn't trade any amount of rest for him! We say all the time that he filled a HUGE gap in our hearts! Our little miracle!


  1. He sounds absolutely adorable! He is such a cutie!

  2. Thanks! He's such a joy! I'm happy to see that Addie and Ian are doing so well! :)