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Saturday, September 1, 2012

My little sister's wedding!

The cake! My sweet husband helped me create. Couldn't have pulled it off without him! It was a lot of work and I nearly had a meltdown because I didn't want to disappoint! Praise GOD- miracles happen! It was an honor to be able to do this for my sister!:D
 The pretty "lemons & lace" theme was amazing! Loved the yellows, creams, etc! Ever so stylish! Typical for my fashionista sis!
The handsome young man who stole my matron of honor boquet and kept saying "mommy pity flowas"!

It was absolutely breathtaking! The most beautiful wedding I've seen! 


  1. You looked lovely! The cake was beautiful! But Jaden definitely stole the show!

  2. He's so cute! I can't believe he's almost 2!!