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Saturday, January 1, 2011

8 weeeks and baby's first...

New Year!!!

At 8 weeks so much is changing!!! :) The little tiny bundle I came home with is getting bigger and chubbier every day! Little man is now 25" long! He was 20" when we brought him home! I haven't had a chance to weigh him, but I'd guess he's easily 12 lbs (probably more). This little guy is loaded with personality...he's feisty and strong-willed, curious, and pretty stinkin' cute! We've started talking a talking I mean cooh's and such...we're saying "ah-goo" now, which let me just say absolutely makes me swoon! Smiles are no longer just reserved for little whispers from the angels in his sleep...occasionally he'll smile at me when I do something silly...but make no mistake, this kid's smart...he really makes me work for it! Still not a huge fan of tummy time but has some pretty awesome head control for a little 8 week old munchkin (at least in my opinion). Strong as can be too! Those little legs can kick pretty hard! Sometimes I wonder if he's trying to crawl before he starts turning over...when I put him on his tummy and walk away for one minute to grab some water or something...he's managed to scoot himself to the other end of the mat. Drooling and "licking an ice-cream cone" aka his hand, has become a new favorite past time (if he weren't so young I'd say he was teething...but according to the books he's still too young for that). He loves staring at things...taking everything in! Oh and baths...still loves those. He's quite the snuggle bug too! Every afternoon we lie on the couch together for a nap (mostly Jaden gets to nap)and just snuggle for a couple of hours! No matter what needs to get done! It's priceless...I'll miss that so much when I do go back to work!
Sleeping at night, schedule or "routine" and breastfeeding continue to be a thorn in my side but we're working on it. All I can say is He's so worth it! :)
Happy 8 weeks my big boy!


  1. He is growing so fast! He is adorable!

  2. He is such a handsome little man! Don't stress about the sleeping and 'routine.' It will all come. Aidan still doesn't sleep all the way through the night, but he is one a pretty regular routine. It just kind of fell into place on it's own. :)