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Thursday, January 6, 2011

I need help...

At the risk of looking totally pathetic I'm going to go ahead and ask you ladies for advice. I'm working on updating my resume...I need to find a job ASAP and it's been an odd several years. I've mostly worked seasonal positions for the last few years and been a full time student/homemaker. Plus we moved a lot. So as far as my "work history" is concerned, it doesn't look so great on paper. My degree is a career change and so I have no real experience in the field of work that I am looking for. What I did in the military is similar, but not the exact same thing. My question is this: For the work history should I include only the experience in the military or all of my previous work...and if I include all...what do I do about the gaps in between. Help!


  1. When I put together a resume, I definitely pick and choose what I put on there. Most resumes should be only 1 page, so that really limits what you can put on as well! I would lean towards just using the military experience since it's the only "professional" job. Employers should be understanding when it comes to gaps in work experience too, that's just life! =) I had several seasonal jobs in college, and I have never once put them on a resume.

  2. Yeah pick and choose. It's putting forth what you think will best get you the job. Sometimes I make it different depending on the job I'm going for. And your resume should only be a page long, so you have to edit at some point. Praying for you!

  3. I agree with the girls... Pick and choose. I hate making new resumes! I hope you get a job soon! Good luck girl :-)

  4. When I was in grad school and we updated our resumes, we were told to include only the jobs relevent to the job we are applying for.