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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dear Breastfeeding...

This is IT! This is your last chance!!!! You are costing me my last little bit of sanity and LORD knows I cannot lose my sanity right now. Either by this time next week you show some sign of working out or I AM DONE! There is WAY too much else going on right now and my poor kid is growing and HUNGRY! Thank you very much!!!

the lady who's on the verge of losing it!!!!


  1. hey mama, i've been in those shoes... C and I stopped nursing at the beginning of his fourth month. the hungry boy was eating 5-6 8oz bottles A DAY and my girls, well.. they just couldnt keep up. and i tried it all- the herbs, the drowning myself in water, practically chaining myself to my pump whenever i had a free moment.. know that you're not alone in this struggle- and you have to do what is best for YOU and BABY... email me if you want to talk/vent/scream more about it! happy thursday :)

  2. Of course breast-feeding is mom's first choice, but you can't torture yourself! My sister went through the same thing and had to go with formula (And my mom is a lactation consultant!) Sometimes there's nothing you can do. But he is 8 months old and so smart and happy and cute! Don't worry sweet little mother!!

  3. I can say, I totally understand! I tried bfeeding my first and she just wouldn't suck - I kept trying all the natural stuff and trying and trying some more. I just didn't make enough milk and she wasn't interested in sucking. We put her on raw goat's milk (which is the closest thing to breastmilk) at 3 weeks and she's now a year old and doing great.
    I'm currently trying again to bfeed my little boy. It's going better because he is a sucking champ, but I'm just not making enough milk. I'm taking fenugreek and drinking tons of tea and water - we'll see if I start making more. I'm definitely not stressing out about it like I did with my first. I breastfeed Levi first and then give him some goat milk to satisfy him.
    Don't feel like a failure if you can't breastfeed. You're not! You've tried your best and you've given him this long.

  4. Nadine, I really think you're doing the right thing. I know that breastfeeding is most moms first choice, however, if it costs you your sanity and well being, it is just not worth it. I make plenty of milk, and still have thought about a hundred times about giving up because she is so freaking rough with my breasts at times. I hate our feeding time, and still cry whenever she has to eat. Why does this have to be so hard?

  5. That precious little guy isn't going to be hurt if you have to stop. He will give you signs if it just isn't gonna work out. He will still love his mommy deeply. I can tell! ;)

  6. You do what is best for you honey. All of my kids I only did for three months and mostly because the military and life was going on. For the Isaiah Angel didn't like when I would breastfeed and Aaron was in Iraq so I had to stop. When Micah got here well with Angel and Isaiah wanting time you can imagine how that went. LOL They are all healthy and very very active