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Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Recap...

This week was Josh's first week working in Miami. I'm happy to say he's made it home safely every night which is my biggest concern. He's definitely exhausted...3:30 AM comes way too early and he's basically added on another 4 hours each day to his workday if you consider the drive. I'm so proud of him. He's such a good man, he works so hard to provide for us. Thankfully this weekend he'll get some rest as he's still adjusting to his new schedule...but I think he'll be working overtime the next several weeks. Good for us financially...but he's going to be so tired.

I finished my apron and some new pillow covers (2 of 4)...I've also finished two coasters so far, and I'm going to start the third one today. I'm also still working on reorganizing everything in our home, it's quite the process. I really need to invest in some storage boxes and such. It would make this process much easier and would look much neater.

We also are happy to say that we were able to sponsor another child from Compassion International this week. We have been praying about it for quite some time now and GOD has provided the money for we're taking that leap of faith again. We've been sponsoring our little Nissi Nicole for about ....well....almost 3 years, I think. She's been such a blessing. Watching her grow and watching GOD work in her life through the money we've been able to provide her family is such a rewarding experience. I'll never forget when GOD laid it on our hearts to give an extra amount one month for her to buy a pet (we always write her about our kitties and in one of her letters she mentioned how she really wanted a pet of her own as well)....when she sent us a picture in her next letter with her little bunny rabbit in her lap...I welled up with tears of joy!
So this year we welcome Puji Lestari into our family :0) She is a precious 16 year old girl from Indonesia. We're looking forward to getting to know her and hoping to be a blessing to her.

I hope that someday we'll get to visit the girls in their home countries (compassion actually offers that'd be so neat to go see them!)

I highly recommend Compassion to anyone who is interested. They're a wonderful charity.
(It's $38 per month per child)

So that's about it....everything is well with us...lots of praying still for direction and wisdom...but
we're trusting that GOD has it all worked out already. We're very thankful for all he's doing in our hearts and our lives. We finally feel like we're figuring it all out.
Happy Friday to you all!


  1. Awesome, Nadine! Compassion sounds great! What a blessing that you get to write to the girls and everything! That sounds really neat.

    It sounds like you've been so productive around the house and with your creations. Good job!

    I love hearing about how God is leading you and showing you guys the way to go. That's really great!! Thanks for sharing :)