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Monday, November 1, 2010

Dear Jaden...

We are so excited to meet you sweet little prince! I can't believe that you could be ready to make your entrance into the world at any moment now. The anticipation of it all is killing me! I want to see your little face, your little fingers and toes...and who could forget those cute little baby cheekies!!!!! There's nothing cuter than baby cheekies!!! Too bad they spend so much time hidden by diapers (although for our own safety sake)!
Your daddy and I still cannot entirely wrap our minds around the fact that this is ACTUALLY happening...after so many years of waiting and really caught us by surprise in March little man! You are a little miracle baby boy. A true miracle! Apparently you were GOD's 7th Anniversary gift to us...and may I say you were/are the greatest gift we could have ever asked for!!!
I pray that your daddy and I will always be able to show you all the love you need and set great examples of what a Christian truly looks like. I pray that will always be able to protect and guide that precious little soul of yours. May you know Jesus the way we have come to know him and always love people...even better than your daddy and I.
Please know that it is ok to make mistakes, it's what you learn from them that counts. Don't expect to get it right 100% of the's perfectly ok to fall short sometimes, we all do. Try your best, give GOD the rest. He is our strength, and he gives us wisdom to do those things that seem beyond our strength and wisdom to do. Don't let people make you question your faith! It takes a very strong person to believe in things unseen and to follow the narrow path. GOD does not tell us it will be easy, but it is so worth the reward. Just alone knowing that we are not alone when times get tough is more than enough. Daddy and I will do our very best to show you what true faith looks like baby boy, what true Christians behave like, etc. Just keep in mind that we too will fall short...we are far from perfect, but we love Jesus with all our hearts and we will try very hard to help you know him and help you grow in your faith in him.
We want you to know that we will support you in whatever dreams you have for your life, it makes no difference to us whether you want to be a musician like your daddy, a lawyer, a doctor, an artist, a what makes you happy! We do hope no matter what you choose to do, you'll go to college first, so that you never have to struggle like your daddy and I, but the choice is yours to make. We support you no matter what. Dream big and pursue your dreams!
I pray that someday you will find a godly woman who will love you and cherish your heart as much as I do your daddy! Someone who will not only be your lover, but your very best friend and most trusted confidant. Your greatest ally, your cheerleader, your companion for life! You were created out of pure love sweet prince. Pure love, the kind that only GOD can create! I hope we will always be able to show you what that kind of love looks like.
We love you so very much already little man, everything about you. You already have quite the personality...which is an indescribable thing to witness. We feel like we know you already, and yet feel like there is so much more about you we are dying to know...we cannot wait until you get here! We're so ready for you, but if you need more time sweet angel, no matter how much we joke about you getting here already, you take your time! You are so worth the wait! All 7 years and 9 months worth of waiting!!!
We love you with all that is in us baby J!
Mommy and Daddy


  1. So beautiful Nadine. God has given and trusted us with the most precious gift, and you are only a couple of weeks away (the most) from meeting your sweet baby boy! How wonderful is that! I'm very excited for the both of us :-)

  2. First of all...your blog looks amazing! Second of all, I wish Jaden would hurry up! I want to see him too! I can't wait! I'm praying for you!

  3. Hi Nadine! I stopped from by to see what was new on your blog, and I'm so glad I did! What a lovely letter you wrote to your little one to come. It is good to know that God surprises us with our heart's deepest desires, sometimes when we very least expect them to happen. Best wishes to you, your hub, and your baby!

  4. This is absolutly beautiful. Jaden is such a lucky boy to have you for his mommy. I know you will show him all that God has in store! God can't wait for you to meet your little guy! And neither can I. He will be gorgeous, this I know for sure!! Here's to a safe and easy delivery!