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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Two weeks old...

I promise that someday when I am caught up I will blog again ;) Until I will have to leave you with adorable photos instead. You don't mind, do you?!

Jaden is two weeks old today! It was actually supposed to be his due date! We are so happy he came early, couldn't be more in love with our precious son! He's the best thing that ever happened to us and I can't remember life with out him!Every lost second of sleep (averaging between 1 and 3 hrs per night, lol), poopy diaper explosion(oh do I have pictures!!!), pee pee shower (yeah...good luck trying to cover the laser pointer on your forhead when you're trying to wipe an already wiggly little boy)and tear over breastfeeding mishaps (I'll get into this in more detail when I have more time)is so worth it! You are perfect in every way! I love you baby J! You are my everything!


  1. He is perfectly beautiful. :) Enjoy every precious moment.

  2. Two weeks already! Has time gone by that quickly? I must say even though I miss your *voice* around here, I will DEFIANTLY settle for the wonderful pictures you post! :)