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Thursday, December 2, 2010

4 weeks old....

My baby is 4 weeks old today :( Why does it have to fly by so fast? He's over 9lbs already and is getting longer. Many of his Newborn onesies are getting to be too short! He smiled at me repeatedly this morning when I was talking to him!!! Oh my! I just can't believe how fast the time has flown by!!

Anyway, I don't have time today to do the post about our hospital stay, I'm a bit behind on everything around here and some schoolwork so I better get that done first. I'll try to post those other posts over the weekend. I hope you are all having a wonderful week! Much love!

Oh, and please keep the mommies and daddies in your prayers that have lost their babies. I can only imagine the heaviness they feel in their hearts every single day! Having Jaden here with me now, being able to hold and cuddle him only makes me understand their loss that much more (not that I claim to "know" what they are feeling...I don't want any hate mail....what I'm trying to say is I know how much I love that little boy and how much you ache when you feel like you need to hold your baby...and to not be able to do so must be the worst pain one can experience).


  1. Nadine he is soo adorable! I can't believe he's already one month old!
    I'm so glad that everything is going well with both of you and that you're truly enjoying your time with him :-)
    PS: thanks so much for your encouraging words. They helped a lot :-)

  2. He's sooo precious! Happy birthday baby boy!

  3. You could never receive hate mail, sweet new mommy! <3

    I am so thankful that Jaden was and is a healthy beautiful boy. I get to live through all of the wonderful pictures you post so often. I want to let you know I am thankful for that! :) *sniff sniff* Is he really already four weeks old? Tell me it isn't true!

    Blessings sweety!!