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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thank you...

to all you wonderful ladies who continue to stop by and leave encouraging comments! They are much appreciated and I read them all. I know I've been a slacker in this department for quite some time, but someday when things slow down to a normal pace again I promise I will be more present again! Much love to you all!

This little miracle is keepong me quite busy! <3


  1. Oh Nadine, enjoy every single minute with your little goes much too quickly. Julia is almost 3 now and my Mark is 18 months and just "yesterday" I brought them home from the hospital...kiss him and love him and sing to him and spoil him, and take this time to pray for him. Love you,

  2. The love you have for that baby radiates in every picture. Though I always love your beautiful words, I want you to know, that I appreciate your pictures so much right now! Your gorgeous Jaden brings warmth to my heart, and seeing his wonderful mommy rock and cradle him is worth so much more than a thousand words! :)
    Your readers will always be here when you get back... till then, keep doing EXACTLY what you are doing. You are right where you need to be! <3