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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Staring at Daddy!

Sleepy boy!

Where do I begin?! It's been a crazy few weeks to say the least. Jaden has had some rough days...poor boo! He's been dealing with colic. It's so hard to watch your little munchkin scream for hours and not be able to comfort him! Thank goodness we were told about Gripe Water, and told by the pediatrician he could use it. It helps soothe his little tummy when he has one of his colicy episodes. As if that weren't enough my poor boo has baby acne too (nothing we can do about'll go away in a couple of months or so when hormones settle down). So far he usually sleeps between 1 1/2 -2 1/2 hrs at a time (at night)...during the day he occasionally sleeps up to 4 hrs at a time. He still refuses to sleep in his crib or pack and play for the most part. The two places he'll usually fall asleep are on our chest and in his boppy pillow. After a few weeks of refusing to spend any time in his swing, he is now occasionally okay with it. He isn't terribly fond of tummy time unless he's on our chest lifting his head. He amazes me how well he can hold up his head already. It's so much better than when we first brought him home. He loves his baths, as long as the water is good and warm. He won't do has to be really warm. He's a little high maintenance, ;P lol. When he's hungry, watch out. That is one time when he gets so mad that arms flail and legs will kick...he snorts people!!! He snorts when he gets mad! It's the cutest thing! Oh my goodness!!! When he just wants attention he has the cutest most pitiful little whine! Lol...I have to giggle when I hear it! Lately he has started cooing and smiling occasionally. So precious. When he's done eating he gets this look on his face....we call it "milk drunk"'s priceless. As far as a schedule...we can't seem to get on one. Just like when he was in my tummy he still does things his way, on his time...there is no putting him on a schedule (mind you, I am not going to stop trying...but so far I haven't had much success). He still gets the hiccups constantly, just like when I was pregnant with him ;) love it! We've had such a rough time with breastfeeding. I nearly quit twice. I had stopped pumping for a day and even though I don't blame women for giving up when it's this complicated, I just couldn't ...not yet. I would end up in tears because I just couldn't give it up. I would do research online whenever I could and since them I've found some women who said that after three months of formula they went back to breast and were able to get their milk supply up (after lots of hard work of course)I've been trying fenugreek seed and the tea...I want to add blessed thistle too when I get a chance to go to the store (we're a one car family again...thanks to that pain in the booty truck of ours that has a new issue every week...long story!). I definitely think it's helping a little...still not really making enough to "feed him" but it's getting a little better. It doesn't help that I still only have my little manual breast pump...the VA says my electric one should be arriving soon. I hope! I'm telling you what, that darn little thing hurts far worse than nursing does!!! He eats sooo much! This little boy will down anywhere between 3-5 onces at a time...every two hours along with what he gets from nursing! (At least it seems like a lot) Usually I nurse him first and then try to give hime whatever else he needs from the bottle. He's grown so much! I can hardly believe how big he's getting, let alone that it's really been 7 weeks tomorrow since I gave birth to my little angel. It seems like he's always been with us. I don't remember life before he came. It's so hard as it may be is so worth everything!!! I love being mommy. Anytime he falls asleep on my chest (his favorite spot) it melts my heart. He has changed my life so much. While at times with everything I have going on right now it may get a little overwhelming, I wouldn't change it! He's so amazing! I'm so in awe with him and so in love. I still find myself checking to make sure he's breathing every few minutes! I know I need to relax, but I still get so paranoid! I love that little boy so much! :)
That's about all I can think of...I'll post more photos tomorrow for his 7 week birthday. :)


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  2. Wow, your little guy sounds so much like my boy! He had rough nights in the beginning and as you already know, breastfeeding was super tough in the beinning! I'm sooo glad you are getting an elctric pump, I think it will do wonders and hurt much less. I only used my manual pump one time because it hurt so much. I sent you an email response to your comment on my blog... did you get it? It had way to many questions in it, sorry! I want to help with nursing... are you eating oatmeal? It's really good for supply. Email me if you can so we can talk more. <3