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Thursday, July 15, 2010

22 weeks...

How far along: 22 weeks today!

How big is baby Jaden? Approximately 7.6 inches and 12-13 oz. The ticker says he's around the size of a papaya fruit. His senses and awareness are increasing daily. He is able to learn about his body and surroundings through touch now. He is sucking his thumb...has fully grown fingernails and is wiggling around a lot more!

Total weight gain: 18 lbs!!! I couldn't believe it when I stepped on the scale at Publix this evening! The belly is really starting to grow! Fast! Just in the last week we've noticed quite a change!

Maternity clothes: Yup! In the last week I've come to terms with the fact that while most maternity shirts are still too least the ones I had been given and the ones I saw at Target....I am not able to squeeze into many pre-pregnancy shirts anymore. They're getting far too tight at this point. I look ridiculous in most of my clothes, lol. Even some of the smaller maternity pants are looking more like spandex! I'm not sure what's grown more....the behind or the belly! ;0)

Sleep: I don't know what it is...I mean I've never been a great sleeper, even before pregnancy, but lately I just sleep terribly! I wake up so much during the night for various reasons...mostly because I need a potty break, or a glass of water (or my kitty boy decides 2 am is a great time for love?!) ....Josh and I have to get up way early to get him out of the door by 4:15 ish in the a.m. so he can commute 2 hrs to his the time I crawl back into bed...and finally fall back asleep I'm lucky to get an extra 45 min to an hour before my alarm goes get the idea. I'm exhausted most days!

Best moment of the week: I got to watch my belly bouncing around, lol. On Tuesday that little boy was moving around like he was training for some sort of sporting event! It was priceless! It was the first time I got to see the belly moving!

Also Daddy came up with a nickname for his boy, lol. "Little big J" haha....I don't know where he comes up with this stuff! ;0)

Foods I love/hate: Still loving OJ....Veggie bacon...homemade enchiladas!!! Still love my Nutella. Kashi go lean Cereal! Hot breakfast (hashbrowns, scrambled eggs with cheese, pancakes, etc)...I bought gummy prenatals and vitamin C and I actually look forward to taking them now, lol! Thank you Target!

Movement: Yes! I love it! There is nothing like it. It makes my heart melt!

Belly button: Oh yes, it's continuing it's journey outward! It pokes through my clothes for sure!

Morning Sickness: Oddly the last few nights I've been nauseous....this whole week was kind of "off" for me...but we're way better than at the beginning...certainly can't complain there! Could be way worse!


  1. Nadine - I don't know you, but I notice that you follow my daughter's blog (Jenna Rae Sarr), isn't my granddaughter just the most beautiful baby girl you've every seen!!!

    However, the reason I'm writing.... I was reading your profile and we share many interests in movies and books. Based on the books you've listed I just had to suggest anything by Karen Kingsbury. Hurry before you won't have time to read for another 18 years or so!

    Hope you enjoy.


  2. Hey girl! So glad to hear you're doing great - well, except for the lack of sleep- hope that changes for you soon. I know how hard it is to run on low energy...makes everything a little more challenging, huh? Hope you have a great weekend! Any fun plans?

  3. Yay! It's so fun to follow your baby journey!

  4. "Little Big J".. that's adorable. What's even more precious about it is that your husband came up with it. My husband was the one who started calling our baby girl "Little Little". There's just something about men who turn into daddys!

  5. I love veggie bacon by morning star too! And how cute that your belly "dances" now :-) I really hope you can get some more sleep :-)