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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baby gear....

I had to share some of the adorable little items I added to the registry this weekend! So cute!

I love this little turtle play gym!!!! And this sweet little elephant themed pack and play!!!


  1. I LOVE the play adorable!!!!!!

  2. My baby LOVES her play gym! I didn't think she would care or even have a preference for toys at only 6 weeks old, but she does. And I have that elephant pack n' play, she sleeps in the bassinet attachment next to our bed at night. Make sure you get the little sheets that fit the pad, it's much nicer for sleeping on and easy to strip off and toss in the wash if (when) baby spits up. And the little green elephants are adorable :)

    Jenna Rae

  3. Were did you find the turtle play gym?? I have to get that for my brother and sister in law, they have a turtle theme going for their lil boy or girl!!

  4. Those are both super cute! I still need to get started on our registry lol

  5. They are so cute! I love that play gym! I need to find one for my little lady too :-)

  6. adorable!!! the play gym is the cutest one i've seen!