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Saturday, July 24, 2010

23 weeks...

He's growing!!!!
Daddy modeling the shirt our dear friends got him for Father's day! :)

How far along? 23 weeks and 2 days today!

How big is baby Jaden? He's a little over a pound and about 8 in in length. He's filling out a bit adding subcutaneous fat...his movements are becoming more and more obvious as he's gaining strength and getting bigger.

Weight gain: I haven't weighed myself yet this week but I'm guessing between 20 and 22 lbs. I've noticed quite an increase in the size of the belly in the last few weeks!

Maternity clothes: Definitely. I need to buy more!

Sleep: What's that?!

Best moment of the week: Josh got to see Jaden moving around in my belly....he's been so active! It's the neatest and strangest thing all at the same time! Another cute moment....Josh: "Jaden needs to hurry up and get here!" Me: " needs to finish baking!" (Daddy is eager to meet his little boy! It melts my heart! He's getting more and more excited! He's already a great daddy!)

Foods I love: Hmm...well, I love salads and fresh veggies and such, but for some reason while I enjoy eating them, I always regret it afterward. I get nauseous and the heartburn has been out of control lately. It doesn't matter what I eat I feel like I swallowed pure acid! Tums isn't really working to well! It's not doing much of anything actually. I still love my veggie bacon! I almost cried last week when both Walmart and Publix were out of it! So this week I bought three packs, just in case, lol! Still love my Nutella on whole wheat bread, and Kashi cereal. Bananas.....Mexican food....
Movement:'s the best thing in the world. It makes all the heartburn and rearranging of my pelvis (...that's a whole other story lol. I think Jaden's trying to get comfortable...and boy it's been hurting!) it makes it well worth it to see my belly dancing!

Belly button: Outie, and we're noticing the linea nigra...I thought I was seeing it, but wasn't sure and then Josh pointed it out....

Morning sickness: It mostly depends what I eat. The last few weeks I've had it in the afternoon and evenings and after eating salads and fresh veggies....I don't get it....but long as he's healthy!


  1. OMG your belly is getting so big and pointy! I love pregnant bellies (I'm not creepy I swear!).

    Glad to hear everything is going good in your pregnancy.

  2. omy goodness you are so adorable preggers!! happy everything is going well!

  3. you are way too cute girly!!! your tummy is adorable!!
    i hope you are having a great weekend hun!! :)

  4. Thanks ladies! YOu'rea all so very sweet! :) Much love!

  5. Aww you are so cute! I love the belly! :)