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Friday, June 25, 2010

19 weeks...

How far along? 19 weeks and one day
How big is baby? About the size of a mango. Length is about 5.2-6 inches and weight is about 7 oz! Our little angel's movements are now conciously controlled! :0) The ears are standing out from the sides of the head now, buds of permanent teeth appear, and limbs have now reached their relative proportions.
Total weight gain: About 10-12 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Yes, pants definitely. I'm still wearing most of my regular tops though. I've noticed that I will be needing new bras for sure....I have no idea if I should buy regular ones or nursing bras....since I do plan to breast feed. Any ideas? I just don't know how much more that will change between now and the delivery. I'd like to take the least expensive route, so if it isn't silly to buy nursing bras now then I'd rather do that than buy regular bras and then nursing bras....Help?! ;0)

Sleep: About the same. These two- three potty breaks a night are really preparing me for nursing at night, lol. I get up and then I can't fall back asleep for a while.

Best moment of the week: Baby gave Daddy a couple of nice kicks last night! You should have seen his sweet face! It was precious! I asked him if he felt it that time and he said "I definitely felt that one!" ;0) So cute!
Also a good moment was when the Dean at my school noticed the baby bump. Up until now, in some clothes (especially a lot of my school clothes) I just looked like I was gaining some weight, not so much like I have a baby belly.
Foods I love: Still pretty much the same

Foods I hate: Also the same

Movement: Definitely! The most amazing feeling! Baby was giving me some kicks as I started typing this post, for now I think he/she is napping ;0)

Gender: Next in 5 days!!!!!! Woohoo!

Belly Button: On it's way out....

Morning Sickness: Still a little here and there, mostly at night. Nothing unbearable though. That's all I can ask long as I can get through the day....I'm good! ;0) I'm definitely still tired a lot. I can't believe how worn out I get....but it's so worth it!


  1. Aww... you make me want a baby so bad! :) You sound so happy. Hoping the morning sickness truly goes away soon!

  2. I have not had strong enough ones for my hubby to feel yet, I hope soon!

    We are due the same day and we find out the gender on Monday...can't wait!!

  3. Bras at Motherhood are fairly inexpensive and they are nursing bras. I just bought a new one because mine were getting too small. Everyone is different so it's hard to say how much you will grow between now and then, but most of the the time your cup size will increase once your milk comes in. Wouldn't hurt to buy one now and one later. I bought one with bigger cups but the same size around with an extender. That way it will still fit around but be big enough in the cups. So happy everything is going so good for you!

  4. So I work at a maternity clothing store, this is what I would say if you came into see don't have to buy a nursing bra now...but you will need at least 2 nursing bras later. You should be sized 2 weeks before your due date (which is when you'll be full like you will be while you nurse) Then you want to make sure your bra fits well on the last hook (because your rib cage expanded but will go back to normal) And that you can slip your hand in the cup (this is so you'll know you have room for your nursing pads) And I agree with Tiffany, Motherhood brand nursing bras are very inexpensive all are under $20. :) I wish I could be your personal shopper! (I really wouldn't help you to get a nursing bra now because you won't be the same size when you nurse)