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Friday, June 4, 2010

smells so sweet!

I went to Target today to try and make some more decisions about what I want to use for little baby Jaden. I know I have plenty of time to decide, but in case you haven't noticed I'm one of those "get it done now and rest later" type of people, lol. As with the diaper issue I want to make sure that I'm using only the safest and best products on his precious little skin. I've mentioned it before that if it wasn't for financial reasons I'd use only green and natural products, but for the most part it just costs too much for our tiny budget. However, when it comes to our child, I don't want to take any chances and I figure with the money we'll be saving with reusable diapers it'll more than make up the difference that I would have spent on diapers every week anyway. So I spent the morning looking at labels and sniffing out the best scents ;0) This was the one I loved the most. I bought one of each to start stocking up. It's so exciting to start getting some things for our little munchkin! I also got a piece of art that I'll show you all once I get the nursery put together. As of right now it's still a bit of a disaster. I think it'll look so cute once it's all done.


  1. I just have to tell you how much I love your little 'how big is baby' counter! What a neat way to see how baby is growing x

  2. I love Burts Bees anything, and use some of the Baby Bee stuff myself! You're right, it's delicious :-) Oh, I forgot about my friend's website having a lock on it now. Bummer. I guess I'll give her YOUR blog and maybe she can get in touch w/ you here.- Sorry about that! Talk to ya later, ~K