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Monday, June 14, 2010

Menu Monday...

It's been so crazy around our house lately...I'm trying to get back into my routine that I had going. I was doing so well and it really helped. I've felt so unorganized lately with everything because my schedule and routine have been out of whack! Anyway...

Menu Monday:

Mon: Paninis with chips

Tues: Spicy black bean/chicken fajitas

Wed: Spagetti with garlic bread and salad

Thurs: Cordon Bleu, Cous cous, zucchini

Fri: Beef roast, baked sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts

Saturday: we'll be celebrating Father's day at Josh's parents house (so we'll eat whatever they're having)

Sunday: will be part of next weeks menu


  1. All of this sounds DELICIOUS! A cook after my own heart :-) Hope your Monday was a good one Nadine!

  2. It all sounds soo very yummy! I love it!