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Monday, October 11, 2010

Micah Stud...

You would have been with us 7 years this last Friday had the cancer not taken you from us over a year ago! We miss you were such a good boy and we love you so very much!! The 5 1/2 years we had with you just weren't long enough! When I brought you home, you were just a tiny little runt ;)...a coworker of mine in Delaware had found you on the street by garbage cans when she almost hit you with her car...when she showed me your poofy little palm size self I couldn't say no. I just "knew" Daddy would kick my booty for bringing home another little fuzz, but to my surprise...the two of you became the best of buds! He still says on a daily basis how much he misses his "Big Stud". I wish you would have had the chance to meet your brother "Mini Stud" would have loved him. He's a sweet, playful, mischieveous little booger too! Not to mention your human brother who's getting ready to arrive in a few short weeks. You would have loved always loved babies!! Missing you terribly sweet kitty boy!!!

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  1. what a cutie. Losing a loved pet is hard! We also have an 11 yr old cat (who doesn't behave that old at all, and thinks he is a dog most days) and we love him to death. He's been with my hubby since he was born (the cat that is) and I don't think we'll ever find a better behaved or sweeter one than him. We're always talking about how paranoid we are that he keeps getting older and that we probably only have a few more years left with him. It truly breaks my heart!