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Saturday, October 30, 2010

37 weeks...

How far along: 37 weeks and 2 days

How big is baby Jaden: He's fully baked!!! He's around 20 inches and 6 1/2-7 lbs!!! He is a strong little stinker too, let me tell you! All of that sticking up his hiney that he loves to do has left a very noticable and tender stretchmark directly above my belly button in the same, and I mean same, location where I left one for my mom! Talk about payback! lol! It started out really small a couple of months ago, at which point I nearly cried (I came to my senses once he reminded me how worth it he'll be), and now it's getting bigger by the day, and let me tell you I'm slathering on Vitamin E and covering it with Band-aids to try and help it heal. We keep joking that he's confused and needs a map for his exit route...he appears to think that after all the talking daddy did into the microphone (aka belly button) that this is his proper route. Not quite little prince, not quite...
Have I mentioned that we're ready for you?

Weight gain: amazingly I hadn't gained any weight as of last Tuesday...however I feel big as a house. I waddle like it's going out of style because my son is rearranging my pelvis to properly suit his tastes, he's already got a sense of his own style I suppose (or so it feels anyway) feet have endured all the punishment from my weight gain they can handle too. People see me coming and they get worried they'll be slipping and sliding in amniotic fluid at any given moment. Poor little old lady at Walmart really thought I was going to pop while grocery shopping. Nope...I think little baby J is going to take his sweet time like his daddy would!

Maternity clothes: um...yeah...I frequently have a baby belly playing-peak-a-boo!

Sleep: next question please....

Best moment of the week: Reaching 37 weeks aka FULL TERM! ...and hearing that little boy's heart beat...which I nearly forgot to mention what what a trouble maker he was for the Dr! Lol! He kept shifting his booty and moving on the Dr...kicking me etc. while the Dr attempted to find his heartbeat. Took him a good minute to get a good reading because little prince was showing off his moves.

Movement: lots and lots.

Food: Still love it, still can't have a lot of the food I love, lol.

Morning sickness: If I don't eat...for sure!

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