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Friday, October 1, 2010

Peace, Courage, Strength...

Photo from Kirsten's blog.

Yesterday's celebration was sadly short lived. We don't know why Ewan isn't doing well, but he's back on ECMO. His parents are facing some unimaginably difficult decisions...please keep them in your prayers.

To read more about Ewan:

LORD, I pray for peace in their hearts whichever choice they make...I pray for courage and strength to make that choice. Please comfort them in these difficult times. No one should ever have to endure such pain and heartache, but for whatever reason it happens. I pray that our prayers will help them to know they are not alone in this time of hurt...we love them dearly. May we always trust your plan regardless how painful it might be and GOD if at all possible...PLEASE SPARE THIS PRECIOUS LITTLE LIFE!



  1. This story is just heartbreaking...I'm praying for this family.

  2. This whole story just kills me. I have been following Ewan's journey for some time and I'm just so heartbroken for them.