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Monday, August 2, 2010

24 weeks....yes, it's late ;)

How far along: 24 weeks and 4 days.

How big is baby Jaden: He's about 1 1/2 lbs!! Getting so big :) He's about 9 inches long. His face is now pretty much developed, his eyes are still shut but will be opening soon! His eyelashes are developed and hair on his scalp continues to grow (if the old wives tale is true....heartburn = lots of hair...then this little man will have more than enough hair!). He is increasingly concious of his surroundings and his hearing is well established.

Weight gain: Still at 20lbs, thank goodness. Not really looking to gain too much more...hopefully not more than 10-12 more lbs over the next 3 1/2 months (at least not more than little man needs to be healthy). Just makes more to lose after the birth.

Maternity clothes: Still need to buy more...haven't been able to yet. Having a hard time dressing for school at this point. I can't believe how tight my pants are getting. Thank GOD my mom bought me a few at the beginning that were too big then but fit now! Thanks Mom!

Sleep: Nothing's changed there, lol. Still pretty rough but so worth it :)

Best moment of the week: We bought a crib mattress and changing pad yesterday after church! I also finally finished painting the crib and changing table (minus a couple spots that will need to be touched up). We also found bedding on clearance that'll be about $40 less than what I had previously posted about (I know...third time its, but we decided to do the smart thing and save money where we can. Besides, it's really cute and really looks great with the furniture. We ditched the theme all together and are just going to do our best to make it all as cute as possible for as little as possible)I'm so excited to see it all come together. GOD knows what he's doing :) It's looking better than I hoped. I'll post pics as soon as it's all complete. I want to keep the rest of it a surprise until it's done!

Foods I love: Well, I'm still craving my Kashi cereal, Fruits and veggies...although many of the veggies are still giving me wicked heartburn and salads still make me nauseous (even though they taste so good :('s afterward that I pay the price). Veggie bacon! Thank GOD for the heartburn tea. I mean, I still get the heartburn, but at least the tea helps a bit. It's so bad that my throat is hurting from the acid reflux. I'm really afraid that if it keeps up I'll have to start meds, especially with my past history. I just had to have a biopsy of my esophagus in January. I really do not want to be on meds while pregnant (whether they say they're safe or not).

Movement: Yup, how much depends on the day. He has his lazy days for sure, but today for example he was quite active! :) It's precious when he's all over the place! I can't wait to hold him! :)

Belly button: Outie!

Morning Sickness: These days really just depends on what I eat...can't complain there! Way better than the beginning was. :)


  1. You're beautiful! Glad you are doing well... and who doesn't love to save $40!

  2. You look gorgeous! And I love veggie bacon too! I make english muffin sandwiches with veggie cream cheese, tomatoes, avocados and that veggie bacon. It's so delicious!
    PS: Thanks for the tip on using the gummy pre-natals from Target. I started using them today and so far so good! Didn't throw up :-)

  3. Love your belly!!! You look great!

  4. So fun! I'm excited to get my bedding from my sister in September. Until then our nursery is on hold, urgh!

  5. You tiny little thing! You're adorable!