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Saturday, August 14, 2010

26 weeks!

Look at that belly! :) I'm noticing some veins becoming more visible...thankfully no stretchmarks-yet...Thank you Burt's Bees Mamma bee belly butter!

Rocking the new maternity jeans the sweet hubby got me! Buy one get one half off/ tax free weekend! Woo hoo! :) Thanks Babe!

This is what pregnancy rash looks like! Fun times! Feels about like chicken pox! Thank GOD this is the worst of it...but I have it all over!

How far along: 26 weeks/ 2 days!

How big is baby Jaden: About 9.2 inches, 2lbs!!!! :) Growing, growing, growing! His eyes are opening now if they aren't already...

Weight gain: Oh my! 24 lbs! Yeah...we've gone from 107 to 131 lbs! I asked the midwife though and she said that since I technically started out underweight I should be fine. The belly measured the correct size for where we are in the pregnancy so I'm trying not to sweat it too much.

Maternity Clothes: Yup. I can still wear larger "regular" tops but pants...there's no way I can wear anything but maternity. Note the cute jeans my honey got me :)

Sleep: No comment...I'm learning to just deal with it.

Best moment of the week: A few actually! I got to hear Jaden's heartbeat again finally! It's only the second time I've gotten to hear it so I was sooo thankful! 152bpm and nice and strong! He's been super active all week which was so much fun! We got the bedding and it's super cute! I got jeans (I know it might seem silly to be so excited about a couple of pair of jeans but let me tell you, it's been months since I've had a comfy pair to slip into and I appreciate them that much more because of it!)Also my sister in law gave us some lovely things that she couldn't use at the moment this past weekend (glider and dresser, jogging stroller... among other things) Thanks Nic! As you can imagine I was pretty excited about the glider!!! My mom and dad bought Jaden's travel system!!! Thanks guys! We're so excited to get it! Things are coming along. Once I repaint the letters and frames the nursery will be nearing completion! Ahead of schedule (minus things like diapers and such)Just how my type A personality likes it, lol! :)

Not so great moments of the week....rashy itchiness (that's likely to be around the rest of the pregnancy from what I've read)!!! Elevated glucose levels which resulted in a fasting glucose test repeat which lasted all morning and required being stuck 4 times!

Foods I love: I've had a wicked craving for chocolate the last couple days...all of a sudden! Still fruits most definitely! I LOVE cutting up banana, strawberry, blueberries and peaches and eating a big bowl full! Kashi cereal...Irish breakfast tea with sugar and cream! Just to name a few things.

Foods I hate: Still cannot stomach the smell of garlic! I almost lost it when I made a turkey roast for Josh this was supposed to be "oven roast" but the stench of garlic overwhelmed my poor tummy!

Movement: He was so active this week! Must have been all the glucose this poor kid had running through his system, lol. I loved every minute of it. At one point I was lying on the couch attempting to nap and he kicked me so hard he startled me, I actually jumped! :)

Belly button:
Um...I don't think it can come out much further...holy moly it sticks out like crazy! Josh keeps trying to "stick it back in"....he'll sit there and hold it for a few minutes just to watch it pop back out, lol. I don't know what his fascination with it is...but hey...if he's entertained...

Morning sickness: Yesterday and today I haven't felt great...probably due to the glucose test. I do not like that stuff...let me tell you. I honestly thought I was going to throw up and have to drink it again and start that whole thing over. Thank GOD I didn't.


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  2. I also have noticed the veins in my stomach but no stretch marks. I'm hoping with only about three and a half weeks to go that I'm safe! :) I also failed my glucose test and had to go in for the long one (that drink is not good!). It was strange, I ended up the opposite and am hypoglycemic but now that I eat small meals throughout the day I haven't noticed any problems. Hope your test turns out perfect!

  3. What a beautiful baby belly! Don't be shy you look beautiful! I took pregnancy photo shoots with my pregnant belly and I'm so glad I did, what a great memory!

  4. You poor thing, that rash looks like no fun! You still look great though! I just noticed the veins on my sides as well, must be typical :)