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Saturday, August 28, 2010

His and Hers diaper bags...

***disclamer: in case you haven't noticed in previous hubby is quite the clown! my goofball dearly and there is certainly never a dull moment in our home! Just thought I'd explain the pictures...oh yeah, now imagine this times two, welcome to my home! ;)***

My long awaited diaper bag! It's a little more casual than I expected, and the pattern is a little larger than it looked like in the pic, but I do like it far better than any of the ones I saw in the stores. I'm much more fond of "sophisticated" than "childish" (not that there is anything wrong with the cartoon characters and such, it just isn't me...certainly not going to slam anyone elses taste...just gonna put that out there before I get hate mail ;)lol) and within my budget that was quite a challenge to find.


  1. Love it! Where is your bag from?

  2. I think sophisticated is an excellent choice! They both look great!

  3. You two are stinking adorable! I love the bags!