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Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'll take one please...

As my pregnancy progresses and this little boy gets heavier...I can understand and appreciate the need for one of these! $50 is way more than I want to spend, but oh I do want one! I've noticed that when I turn to my side, the weight of the bump is a bit uncomfortable. I try to use as many little pillows as I can stand, but they always end up on the floor halfway through the night.

PS-Sorry about all the random posts, but when heartburn strikes at 2 something in the morning you gotta do something to occupy yourself with out waking a sleeping hubby...while you wait on the heartburn tea and tums to kick in and kill the fire breathing dragon you seem to have accidentally swallowed!


  1. You should look on craigslist, or local baby consignment stores I bet you find one for less $. Praying for some good sleep for you!

  2. Nadine, I bought this exact pillow and it has been SO worthy it! It helps to prop me up a little when my back is the only comfortable positions and helps me to not feel so crushed when I sleep!