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Sunday, August 22, 2010

27 weeks update...

How far along: 27 weeks and 3 days.

How big is baby Jaden: about 15 inches in length and a little over 2 lbs....(this week he is measured from head to toe instead of crown to rump as before. Other than the fact that he still needs to pack on some baby fat, he looks pretty much like he will once he's born.

Weight gain: Honestly not sure. Haven't weighed myself this week. I'll have to stop by Publix sometime to check. I had gained about 24 by last week so I'd guess about 26 by now.

Maternity clothes: Mostly...loving having jeans again!

Sleep: Thankful for what I can get, even if it isn't much.

Best moment of the week: We got to feel Jaden stick his little foot out...we were actually able to feel the entire foot. Josh was pushing down against his foot and baby J was just pushing back. It was so neat. Josh's face was precious. He just lit up.

I never heard back from the doctor after the 3 hour glucose test, so "no news is good news" means we do not have gestational diabetes. Whew!

I ordered my diaper bag...daddy got his very own too (thanks to his sister)! :) I'll post pics once mine gets here.

Also I've started repainting his name and picture frames....hoping to finish up as much as possible over this next week while I don't have school. This way I can just focus on stocking up on some essentials (reusable diapers, bath supplies, etc.)while in school... hopefully the other things we'll be able to get at the shower. I still need to buy a breast pump too...not too excited about spending the money on that. They do not come cheap! Yikes. I'm so thankful we were able to get so much stuff used because baby stuff is so expensive!

Not so great moments of the week: Still the heartburn and awful rash. This week the rash has been particularly uncomfortable on my face and hands/arms. When I get out of the shower my face is bright red and splotchy/itchy. My hands seem to always be in water and it is making my rash so much worse...but what can you do...I have to wash my hands and clean.

Foods I love: Sandwhiches (Paninis), Fruit, Kashi Warm Cinnamon cereal, Mochas from Starbucks (not such a great craving, but I make sure not to have too much...I pretty much stay away from caffeine for the most part).

Foods I hate: Still the same...

Movement: Lots this week. I love it. It's so reassuring and just melts my heart every time. I could watch/ feel him for hours! I love that he's been so active. Every once in a while I get a kick or punch in my right side...doesn't feel great, but I'll take it. Any movement is better than wondering if he's ok.

Belly button: totally an outie...I'm sure by now you've noticed that.

Morning sickness: occasional bouts of it...mostly in the morning before I eat and if I eat something that I shouldn't (like salads or any kind of onion....etc.) Nothing too bad.


  1. Ahh you are getting so big! I am really excited for you!

  2. Also, I am a nutritionist and learned that it is okay to have caffeine as long as it is 2 servings or less per day!

  3. Wow girl, you just stick right out there :) So cute!!!

  4. Oh, Nadine! You are just beautiful as a mommy-to-be! It is getting really close now:)

  5. look at that perfect belly! i love the belly button- mostly because it looked exactly the same as mine at this point in the game! you are seriously, GLOWING momma!! you look fabulous!!

  6. gorgeous belly shot!! my 2nd baby girl is a week old.....amazing!!! i'm so excited for're close!

  7. Wow Nadine! So amazing that you are so close to being a mommy. =) It's been fun seeing all your updates!

  8. You look so cute and don't have much longer to go! How exciting!