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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

In need of organization!

I probably mentioned it before, but since I've been pregnant my brain, energy and will power have been on a bit of a hiatus. My typically type A personality has had to take a chill pill in order to grow and nourish this little life inside of me. However I feel like our home and my life in general is in serious need of organization and declutter. I've never been such a procrastinator my whole's making me so frustrated. Especially because we are nearing the arrival of our little bundle of joy! I have summer break next week and I am HOPING to get some things done around here. I really want to be organized by the time Jaden arrives, because I'll be far to busy to do it after the fact. I'll be caring for a newborn, taking online classes, preparing for holidays and preparing for our move (whenever that may take place...we're still unsure of dates and all but it will be happening early next year). Is it me or does it seem that much more difficult to organize small spaces?! I feel like no matter how or in what I place things it's still the same thing...cluttered and disorganized. I've given away pretty much everything I don't use...with the exception of things that I know we will use again and baby items that Jaden will be using and growing into. We're bursting at the seams! Wish me luck folks! :)


  1. I just started this whole blogging thing. When I read your blog today, I had to comment!

    :) I can totally relate to your mind taking a hiatus during pregnancy, when I was pregnant, I was also sort of in LaLa land, but completely relaxed (I am normally a type A).

    I also can totally relate to trying to organize a small space - though no matter how big the space is, it seems to get really small really fast!

    Good Luck with everything you have going on (we finished our basement, had Xander, and I finished graduate school all in 1 month - so it can be done) - put your faith in Jesus and he will take of you!!

  2. I hear you on attempts to organize a small space -- we had a lot of help and it was amazing what we were able to fit into our tiny first apartment -- that being said, I also relate to the frustration of things not having a place, feeling like you've gotten rid of anything that's not necessary, and trying to deal with it when you're not as motivated AND pregnant!!

    Life as you know it is so close to changing by leaps and bounds!! Good luck getting everything done -- I know it will happen!!

  3. I know what you mean! I am so looking forward to moving so I can de-clutter and reorganize. I've already planed in my head all the things I'm going to get rid of and what type of storage containers I need to reorganize. Good luck with your big project!