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Thursday, August 5, 2010

25 weeks...look I'm on time ;)

How far along: 25 weeks today!

How big is baby Jaden: approx. 9 in and 1lb 8oz to 1lb 10oz....

Sex differentiation is completed. The testes have dropped into the scrotum. Permanent teeth are developing in buds. He is more dextrous and can move his little fingers to make a fist. A preference of left or right handedness is developing. Fingerprints are also developing.

Weight gain:
22 lbs. I'm not sure why I'm gaining so much weight already, I don't think I'm eating that much more. I'm eating pretty healthy...lots of fruit, cereal, veggies, and such. I've limited my ice cream to once or twice a week! Then I keep hearing about Dr's telling their patients who have gained much less than me that they are gaining too much weight?! Yikes. From what I've read recently between 25-35 lbs is recommended. I've been trying to go to the pool when the weather cooperates and I'm off from school to swim a little...but I can't do a whole lot outside because it's been too hot! I have another 15 weeks to go so I guess I'm going to have to be even more careful! :(

Maternity clothes: Definitely necessary and yes, I still need to buy them...

Sleep: Last night the preggo insomnia struck again! I was up almost all night. I'm amazed I'm functioning as well as I am. Luckily I'll be well prepared when our little boy gets here for those all night feedings/diaper changes.

Best moment of the week: hmmm....well, the bedding is on its way and I was able to get it on clearance (YAY!) that was pretty sweet! So now I'll be able to put finishing touches on the nursery over the next 15 weeks! I really need to start getting organized and stocking up on the reusable diapers and such. Buy the diaper bag and start planning the hospital bag. Oh and finally get around to buying those maternity clothes! A friend of ours is going to help us do some maternity shots at around 30 weeks, so I am getting pretty excited about that! :)

Foods I love: pretty much the same.

Foods I hate: also the same.

Movement: Definitely...but he's a mellow little guy for the most part....and every once in a while he turns into a little jumping bean. I'll get some nice kicks to the bladder, especially if I sit for a long time (as in class for example...apparently he doesn't like that too much).

Belly button: All I can say is look at the picture! That glowing white thing poking out....that's my former innie!!!!

Morning Sicknes: Not so much....heartburn, achy feet and pelvis....lots!


  1. You look fabulous! I don't know where in the world you've put those 22lbs! :) I'm 20 weeks with my second baby and I've only gained 5lbs, but I feel like a big ball of blubber! lol!

  2. Don't worry about the weight gain (you look fabulous, and it really is all baby!!). I've gained 35 lbs total so far, and most of that (about 28-30 lbs) was in the first 6 months -- and I was throwing up, eating very healthy, and exercising during that whole time, too!! Your body is doing what it needs to do (more blood and fluids, more fatty tissues for the baby, etc.). What I've heard too is that for most women, weight gain really slows down in the third trimester. So far, I've lost a little bit (and that still leaves me at the 35 lb weight-gain mark. UGH!!) in my third trimester, but nothing much to worry about there.

    My Mom said the same thing happened to her -- it didn't matter how healthy she ate, or how few calories she ate -- she still gained a lot of weight with each baby. Each woman is different, and God made our bodies to know what they need to do to make the best possible environment to support and nurture our little beans while they're baking. Guidelines are all well and good, but docs don't have the last word on that!!

    I don't need to tell you that growing a baby is A LOT of work -- keep up the healthy ways and trust that you and baby Jaden are getting exactly what you need. :o)

    love & hugs!! <3

  3. You look so great! I can't believe how much your belly button came out! Holy moses, I wonder if mine is going to do the same!?!?! And how great that you were able to get your bedding on clearance! I can't wait to see it!

  4. You look great! Oh and the pregnancy rash? i had that with both my girls! If you exfoliate in the shower gently it can help!

  5. Our journey has begun!… secretly though

    If I’ve left you this message, you’re a follower of my original blog ~OR~ just someone I’ve happened upon while sending out these invites and that I would LOVE for to come along for the ride! Though I won’t be revealing who I am just yet – until we’re TO and THROUGH the first trimester! Just getting the word out about our new site – further explanation of all the secrecy and what we’re about on my first post. I’d love for you to stop by.

    Exciting things going on around here!

    ~ the {secret} *Maybe* Baby Mama