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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ready to ride...

"Baby stud" as Jaden is affectionately refered to around ready to ride!

My parents got this little head and body support insert for his carseat along with the travel system....

...and Mommy and Daddy couldn't resist this little decal for the car!


  1. Be sure to take your car and carseat to your local police department to make sure it is installed correctly before the baby is born (it is a FREE service). Soooo many parents do not intall their carseats correctly and it the results can be horrible if you are in car accident.

  2. We had the same carseat insert (head/body support) and we LOVED it. Paige wasn't rolling around in her seat, and she was so snuggly she usually fell asleep minutes after we got in the car.