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Saturday, September 4, 2010

29 week update...

29 weeks and 3 days!

The bump at 29 weeks and 3 days!

This is what I see when looking down these days ;)

This rash is truly making me miserable. It's been getting worse and worse again for the last couple of weeks! I'm so ready for that part to be over with. Of course the constant heat...sweating is just making it worse!

How far along: 29 weeks and 2 days

How big is baby Jaden: He's getting close to 3 lbs now and about 15 or 16 inches in length. It's hard to say for seems like every book I have and website I look at has different measurements.

Weight Gain: 29lbs...pretty much right on track. I have a little over 10 weeks to go and I should gain between 35-40 total.

Maternity Clothes: Yes. I'm actually looking for a cute maternity dress right has to do tripple duty because I only want to have to buy one...
1) Maternity shots 9/18
2) Baby shower 10/2
3) Friend's wedding 10/30

Sleep: Lol...I'm lucky if I can get 3-5 hours per night. Believe it or not...I've adjusted pretty well...I move a lot slower during the day, and have some slight lapses in brain activity from time to time, but I'm making it through. I'm totally going to be ready for those all night feedings, lol!

Best moment of the week: hmm...well, one of them was sitting on the couch with Josh watching my son go completely crazy! It was so funny to watch. My belly was all over the place. I wish we had a video camera! Josh turned to me and asked me "what is he doing in there?!" sorry babe...I couldn't tell you. I can feel him...can't see inside ;)

The other would be...I found out that the VA Hospital will be giving me a breast pump and Nursing bras for free thanks to the WOmen Veterans Association...the same amazing ladies that threw us the shower last week. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! I was so worried I wouldn't be able to buy one because the good ones are so expensive and the cheaper ones had terrible reviews...thank GOD! :)

Foods I love: Still Paninis! Breaded Eggplant! Cereal! Egg and Cheese Bagel with Veggie bacon! Scones! Chocolate!

Foods I hate: Garlic...yuck...the smell makes me nauseated!

Movement: Lots! This little boy has certainly become quite active in the last couple of weeks...It's amazing and I just love to watch and feel him practice his moves ;) I'm sure people wonder what in the world I'm grinning and giggling at 24/7 lol.

Belly button: You've seen it ;) It leads the way!

Morning sickness: I had a couple of minor queezy spells but nothing major.


  1. you look fabulous, mama! 29 weeks- i can't believe it! little j will be here before you know it.. and i LOVE that nursery bedding!!

  2. Your baby shower is the same day as mine!! Whoop!