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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hello Fall!

Ok so I don't really know what the official first day of fall is but Josh and I consider September to be fall so.....Happy Fall everyone! On the one hand I'm so thrilled that it's here, on the other I can't believe it's already here! Funny how that works! ;) The last 8 months have flown by!

I can't believe in about 11 weeks we will be holding our little baby boy! (My little mini Josh! I'm sure he'll be a major ham just like his daddy!)I feel like there is still so much to be done. Life continues to throw us curveballs (naturally...that's just how it goes). Aside from trying to get ready for our little munchkin, school and trying to pray and plan about next year we've been having one vehicle issue after the next. We had finally had savings going and the truck needs work....then we kinda get savings built up to at least half of what it was and....truck needs work again...oh yeah and now the car needs tires, breaks, etc.?! Ah...strap on and enjoy the ride as much as possible, lol...about all I can do. We've been so greatful that we had ANY money set aside for this stuff...because at the start of the year this would have seriously had us in a panic. GOD has taken care of us in a major way! I still can't believe how much of Jaden's things we've gotten used from my generous sister in law and friends as well as the things my parents got us already! I hope you guys know we couldn't have gotten those things with out your help and we don't take that for granted at all! A huge THANK YOU to you guys!

On another note, I was on my way home from class the other day when it hit me that...had I taken the time to really get to know myslef and accept my personality traits for what they are...and chosen a career to truly fit me instead of trying to make myself fit into a career then I could have saved myself so much heartache, stress and debt. This might sound like a negative thought, but it isn't intended to was actually an "ah ha" moment for me because I feel like this major is what I should have pursued a long time ago. It's what suits me, what I'm good at. I hope that someone out there can learn from my mistakes and that's why I've always tried to be open about my challenges and short comings. For years I tried to do careers that could be exciting and challenging (for my personality)which pretty much just left me feeling unfulfilled, tired, stressed, out of place and less than adequate! Let that be a lesson to all the young ones out have to figure yourself out before you can figure out what career will work for you.

I've also had to come to terms with the fact that even though I would LOVE to be a SAHM, this will not be possible (at least not with out a MAJOR miracle)for quite some time. As much as not being with my child will hurt me every single day...I am thankful that my mom has offered to watch him for me so that he'll never have to be in daycare...not that I don't understand that some mom's have no choice but to put their child in daycare...but I am thankful to have the option of letting him stay with family.
I've prayed and prayed about this issue, believe me I was begging GOD to let us make it work somehow...but I guess he has other plans for us. I'm ok with that(now...well, 98% at least...the other 2% is still being a big baby about it ;0) lol). I know what I have to do to get our life/family on track and I'm willing to do whatever it takes :) GOD has a different plan for each of us and I can accept that fact even when I don't completely understand it. He's never let us down before.

Anyway, how's that for a random I hope all of you are having a wonderful week! Much love! Please keep praying for all of the sweet little babies that were born early/have some challenges to overcome once born. You can find out more about their mommies and what exactly they are up against via the buttons on my sidebar.
GOD Bless,


  1. I was reading your post and I looked over and it says your baby is as big as a squash now! He's getting bigger and soon you'll have him! So exciting, happy fall!

  2. Hi Nadine! Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's always fun to have a little blog connection show up. Blessings to you in your pregnancy! How exciting! And fun blog, by the way. Love the colors!

  3. I'm so glad you're feeling like your major is a good fit. It will be so great to be doing something that you feel confident with. Sometimes it just takes time to get things figured out and it's great that you share it with others who may need to hear it. It's encouraging to me too, because I've had those areas of my life where I've gone round and round before finally having an ah-ha moment.

    It's great that your mom will be able to help with your son too!! :)

    P.S. Tomorrow I'm headed to the post office. Sorry I've taken so long.

  4. Happy fall! I would so love to be a sahm too but it's so hard to do that! Like you, I had to come to terms with it and it was not easy. I'm still really grateful for the six months that i'll be spending with her :-)
    ps: thank you so much for your encouraging comment! It really made me feel better :-)

  5. Oh you tease! I am so ready for fall but it is like 90 degrees here!! UGH!!! Enjoy the last few weeks of your pregnancy, they go so fast and once baby arrives, time just flies!