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Friday, September 17, 2010

31 week update....

How far along:
31 weeks...9 weeks to go! Woo hoo! :)

How big is baby Jaden: He's weighing it at close to 4lbs now and about 18 inches long! According to my books he's supposedly developed regular sleeping patterns and such...I'd have to say I disagree, lol. This little boy has been on his own schedule from day one...basically...he doesn't follow a "schedule". :) He has been a jumping bean non-stop...all day and all night. He'll wake me up at night because he's boogying in my belly! So even though I'm sure he sleeps at some point...he has to right?! ;) I haven't noticed a "pattern" (Not sure if I should be very afraid of the first few weeks post delivery, lol).
His brain is continuing to develop at a rapid pace...he's able to process information, track light, and perceive signals from all of his senses.

Weight gain: 31 lbs. So it's definitely slowed down, whew! ;)We had a Dr's appt Tues and my belly measured right on track so I'm not too concerned about the weight gain anymore. I'll worry about that once he's here, safe and sound!

Maternity clothes: Yes, pants and my new dress which I am wearing in the above pics. I LOVE the Navy blue color!

Sleep: Rough week...but making due! :)

Best moment of the week: Finally realizing after all this time that those tiny little "jumps" that I kept feeling were hiccups, lol. Josh and I got to feel those quite a bit this week and everytime it happened we were just giggling. It's too cute!
Also, we had our first Lamaze class last night!!! Seriously! I can't believe we're at that point!
My smart hubby got a prize for answering correctly how you place the baby to sleep...only two of the daddy's had the answer! I was so proud!!!! <3

Last but certainly not least...hearing baby J's heartbeat (151)...even though my Dr's not the best...he barely had the doppler on my belly long enough to even get a reading but whatever...anything's better than nothing. I think he wasn't in the room more than a minute, seriously! When I told him the rash was driving me crazy he said "oh that's's just hormones"...thanks Doc! Glad you feel my pain! lol!

Foods I love/hate: same

Movement: lots and lots and I just LOVE watching my belly bounce! It's the most reassuring thing to watch him go crazy in there....I will say this though, the little stinker has some nice kicks on him. He's hurt me a couple times this week, lol. ;)

Morning sickness: Only a tiny bit. Nothing major.


  1. I am praying for you Nadine!! Can't believe it is almost time for you to meet your little man!!! I am so very happy for you, and I am praying that he will be a HEALTHY baby boy!! We just lost our "Savannah" on the 31st of August after only eight short days, but I am sure she is reaching out to your "angel to be" right now!! Blessings to you sweet mommy-2-be, Megan@A story unfolding <3

  2. You look so beautiful! And you just made me realize that I may have experienced hiccups, too! I cannot wait until we move so I can start some Lamaze classes with my hubby too! I'm to excited about them!

  3. I don't mind you asking at all! But NO!!! They didn't see it on any of the three ultrasounds that I had! I had never even heard of CDH until Miss.Savannah came into our lives! It is something that occurs around 8-10weeks gestation is everything that I have been told... I am sure everything is perfectly fine with your little sweetheart... don't let this alarm you for the rest of your pregnancy... my prayers are with you 100%! Blessings,