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Sunday, September 26, 2010

32 weeks update....

How far along: 32 weeks and 3 days

How big is baby Jaden: He's roughly 19 in and 4+ lbs now!!! Wow! He's fattening up and getting ready for life outside of the womb! :)
He's more than likely (I believe this is true because I feel little heals digging into my ribs on a regular basis) head down now. He's keeping his eyes open more now during the times that he's awake. He is practicing swallowing and breathing! He's also sucking his thumb...and this little guy gets the hiccups quite often.

Weight gain: 30+lbs. I'll find out Tuesday at my Dr's appt.

Msternity clothes: yes.

Sleep: No change there...

Best moment of the week: Just feeling our little munchkin move around A LOT and always makes us giggle when he has his little hiccup fits! ;)

Movement: Lots and lots!! :)

Foods I love/hate: pretty much the same....

Morning sickness: Only first thing in the morning, but once I eat some cereal it usually goes away.

***Please remember to keep baby Ewan, Brayden and Bennett in your prayers through out the week :) !!!


  1. Girl, you are ALL belly!!! I hope you feel as amazing as you look :) The end is near for us! =P

  2. You look amazing! I wish I am that fortunate when God blesses us with a bun in the oven :)

  3. You're looking beautiful momma... Yay for lots of movement and a healthy baby boy! Having a healthy child is such an enormous blessing, that lots of people take for granted. My heart and prayers go out to the mommies and to those little ones who are going through so much just to be able to live a normal baby life.

  4. You really do look amazing, love these belly pics!