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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I'm not sure what it is about Birthdays that puts me in a not so happy mood (not just me, poor Josh just went through the same thing).It's not about getting older...the age doesn't bother me. I suppose it's the feeling of "I can't believe I still haven't got it together!" mixed with the anxiety of what's ahead. If I look back, I really thought for sure that at 28 I would feel some sort of sense of accomplishment, stability and confidence. I definitely can't say I've gotten there yet. I just hope that it gets here soon. Until then, guess I'll just keep waiting and hoping it does. 28, can't believe how fast it came!


  1. Happy Birthday! 28 is a perfect age!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! I don't like them much either but God is giving you a beautiful present this year!