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Friday, September 24, 2010

Things aren't looking near as good...

***Photo is by Kirsten***

as we'd hoped! Baby Ewan needs lots of prayer to make it through this. He has a tough road ahead of him! If you pray, please remember to pray for him!

He had emergency surgery last night, and while he is stable for now...there is much healing and recovery to be done. His mommy and daddy are (as you can imagine) completely exhausted and drained.

With every little kick from Jaden my heart hurts for Kirsten and James...I cannot imagine how difficult and scary this whole thing is for them. Of course they trust that GOD's plan is perfect and that somehow regardless of the outcome they will find peace, but no parent should ever have to experience this...much less losing a child.

Thank you ladies!

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  1. Oh Nadine, I can't imagine! I'm praying for Ewan and his parents!

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