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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The diaper debate continues....

Disposable Vs. Reusable!

Ugh!I've been trying to decide what to do about the diaper thing for months now. Knowing that I'll be going back to work full time as soon as possible after Jaden is born ...that I'll be going to school full time along with that, we'll GOD willing be moving shortly after Jaden gets here, and that my mom will be watching him after he's born has me reconsidering the reusables. Will I have time to deal with washing them all the I really want to have my mom deal with the reusables,especially when she's doing me a huge favor, will Josh be able to handle the reusables (he's already paranoid about poopy diapers as it I've come to terms with the fact that I will need to work and I'm greatful that my mom will be able to watch Jaden, and that Josh will finally be able to pursue a more rewarding career. There are a lot of good things on the I can deal with making certain sacrifices...but I HATE making decisions like this. I'm always so worried about making the wrong choice. I just don't want to invest the money into the reusables if I'm not 100% certain that I'll be able to keep using them. I'm indecisive as it is...but these types of decisions only make it worse! Not my best character trait....what to do?! Good thing I have another 9 weeks to decide, lol.


  1. Hi Friend, I went back and forth with this a little, not as much as you are but like you I will also be a working mom and my mom will be taking care of her for us. I just finally decided that for the first baby cloth diapering was a little too much to handle for me, right now. I know that I am going to be SO overwhelmed as it is and worrying about diapers is going to be the last thing I want to do. There are A LOT of good resources out there for cloth diapering as I am sure you know. The link below breaks it down really well.

    Don't stress about it, babies have been cloth and dispoble diapered for years! You will figure it out :) Have a happy Wedneday!

    PS- I finally registered for the Huggies Natural Diapers also... I heard they may not be as leak proof as the others, but don't contain the drymax- so I thought it was a better alternative :)

  2. I am planning on using cloth diapers, BUT I want to quit working before I give birth so I think it will be easier to handle that without the added stress and obligations. It's a little bit about the environment for me, but mostly I don't want to waste the money on disposables.

  3. Since I now have a five day old, I can honestly say that cloth diapers would totally stress me out. We go through so many diapers right now and having to wash them, etc. just sounds like a lot of extra work. I already have tons of extra laundry from the little miss that I can't imagine adding more!

  4. I really really love cloth diapering and would do my best at convincing anyone to use them, but when it comes down to stay-at-home vs. working moms, it just seems crazy to tackle the cloth diapers when you're not home for most of the day. If I was going to be in an office again for 40 hours a week, there's no way I'd use cloth. Not so much because of the laundry issue, if you have a decent stash you could do laundry every other day which isn't too bad and really doesn't take up that much time, but knowing that I'd be forcing someone else to handle the cloth diapers whether they wanted to or not.. I just couldn't do it.

    I would discuss it with your mom. If she's going to be diapering most of the day, and she would love to use cloth diapers, then go for it! But if she's not all that excited about that route, stick to disposables. I know my mom will be using disposables on Paige whenever she takes care of her, and that's totally ok with me. We keep a stash of disposables on hand anyway for nighttime and those "oh-shoot-I-forgot-I'm-down-to-my-last-cloth-diaper" moments!

    Whatever you decide, don't you dare for ONE second feel unsure or disappointed about your decision. You'll be a working mom and you've got enough on your plate to be worrying about which diaper you chose. Decide what's best for you, your baby, your husband, and your mom/caretaker, be confident and don't let anyone make you feel bad about it. You'll be too focused on smooching that cute little face anyway ;)

  5. Thanks for all the positive comments ladies! :) I appreciate it!

  6. have you looked in to gDiapers? They are a hybrid diaper, cloth, but with biodegradable liners that you can flush in the toilet, compost, or just throw out in the trash. Then you only have to worry about washing the covers, not an entire diaper every day or 2.

  7. I have thought about this for a little while too. I just think I will feel like I already have a lot to do as it is with a new baby, and personally, I don't think I'll handle the cloth diapers very well (and I KNOW my husband won't either.) But I know what you mean about not wanting to invest into something and then never use them again. I wish I could help you more, but all I can say is good luck and let us know what you've decided :-)