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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Blogging Funk...

I don't what it is lately but I can't seem to think of much to blog about. I guess honestly there really hasn't been anything terribly interesting going on other than baby updates but still...usually I can find something to talk about. I have been pretty busy this last week in preparation for school (I start back Monday) and cleaning/organizing the home (since I've been so sick I had been putting some things off and since I am feeling better at least some of the days I figured I better take care of it while I still can).

This morning Josh and I were running some errands and decided to stop by the book store. We had talked about getting the munchkin a baby bible and we just so happened to find the perfect one for a great we got it! :0) It's perfect for a little one...we'll be able to read it to him/her and later he/she can read it and even cross reference the chapters of the stories to a big kid bible ;0)!!!
I'm still debating a lot of stuff such as do I want to use reusable diapers or disposable and do I go all natural when it comes to baby toiletries...there's so much to consider. All natural does have many benefits, especially when it comes to very sensitive newborn skin and tummies but it does cost more and often requires a little more effort. I love the fact that disposable diapers are so easy but my heart says..."do your part to save the planet" (as best as one individual can...I mean I get that one person can only do so much... but I strongly believe in each person doing his/her part). For a while there I was using primarily the all natural products (cleaning supplies and toiletries) but they did cost more money (than the chemical store brand versions) and some of course don't have the power to do what chemicals do...but I did always feel better about using them most of the time and only using chemicals when necessary. I know for sure I'd feel more comfortable knowing I'm using natural products around my baby...I just worry about the budget. I just don't think I can make it work at this point in time. Vaccinations are another thing...some are necessary especially in other countries but others I'm still undecided on. I definitely believe in Risk vs Benefit....if it's worth the side effects and potential issues then get it but if it's not then I don't want it in me or my child. I'm sure I'll be bullied to get the Swine flu vaccine but to me they came out with that thing way to fast to know what it might do to a baby in utero when mommy gets the vaccine while pregnant. It scares me too much...Obviously Immune compromised individuals the benefits far outweigh the risk but as a "healthy" individual I can't say I'll be standing in line for that one. Natural vs. medicated childbirth ( I mean I won't knock any woman from using an epidural but for me the thought doesn't sit right but of course I haven't gone through labor before so I won't say "I'd never consider it" but I'm hoping I have a high enough pain tolerance and strength/will power in me to do "au naturel")...I definitely want to Breastfeed I've taken enough medical courses to know the benefits of breastfeeding however I do realize some women try so hard and still can't... and end up having to supplement with formula...hopefully it'll work out for us...I'll give it my best effort and if not at least I can say I tried.

I hope you're all having a great week! Hopefully soon I'll have more to talk about...I've been such a blogger bum!

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  1. Sounds like a great bible for your little one!

    I agree with you about the swine flu vaccine. My sister didn't get asked when she was pregnant and she was glad because she felt the same way. I had heard they were going to try to make younger kids get it and I didn't want it for our son, but thankfully it didn't come up at our doctor appt. It sounds like you're doing a great job at thinking everything through. You're going to be a great mom! :)