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Saturday, May 8, 2010

drumroll please....

After months and months of searching and trying on countless bathing suits...I finally bought one. We'll technically I bought half of two, lol. I bought the top from one and the bottom from the other because I was unable to find one where I liked both the top and the bottom. I think it's going to work out well. I got the bandeau top with a removable strap in white and the boy short bottoms in the turquoise color (example above the pic of the black bikini). I am so happy I finally found one...after all the stuff I tried on...oh my goodness. I tried on like every different style I found. I couldn't believe how small some of the bottoms were....and to be honest after trying on a bunch of tankinis I don't really like those either. That was probably my biggest dilemma...I wanted to be somewhat conservative but I don't mind the belly showing (to me the belly is much less of an issue than having half my butt exposed...that's just me....I doubt men are going to be like "oooh look at that belly" vs. "oooh look at that booty", ya know?!)
What do you guys think?


  1. hahaha.. what a funny post. but yay for finding a bathing suit! that is always a pain. :)

  2. true! I like you're new background!

  3. bathing suits are always a dilemma! I think it is important to find something that you feel comfortable in. When you find a good suit you know it because you can enjoy being outside and in the water without a second thought of parts of you falling out or looking weird!!

  4. Ridiculously cute!! I'm glad you found something you liked. :o)

  5. Those are super cute! I love mixing and matching to find the perfect one. I just got mine that I ordered a week ago in that turqouise color and white too haha! :)