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Saturday, May 8, 2010

I feel like a blogging loser....

Lol...I don't know what it is lately. My blogging is either lame or non existent! I miss it but no matter how long I sit there and stare at the screen I can't seem to think of anything blog worthy to talk about.

**sidenote** Today marks 14 weeks...hopefully that second trimester "feel good" feeling and energy will kick in asap! I had a great day last Monday and the rest of the week I felt horrible. Which was not ideal considering I started back to school and have been pretty busy as a result. I've also been trying to find used baby furniture on craigslist and surprisingly found some great stuff for a great price BUT it's gone before I can get to it. You wouldn't believe how fast this stuff sells!?!

What are you all doing for Mother's day? I know I'm still preggo but it still counts, right ;0)

I can't believe it's going to be our first Mother's day/Father's day!


  1. First of all, it absolutely counts!!!!! You are a MOTHER! Happy Mother's Day!!!!

    Second, the purpose of blogging as I see it is just to have a "place" where you can record your thoughts so you and future generations can look back to see what was going on your life at any given time. There is no right or wrong way to blog. Some days there is a lot to say, sometimes there isn't anything to say. Just blog as you feel like it. Believe me, once baby Raisin comes, your blogging time may be very limited for a while.

  2. I feel like a blogging "loser" too. Happy 1st Mother's Day!