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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Getting started....

I know it's early, but since I'm hoping to furnish and decorate the nursery on a very small budget and mostly with used items...(well technically it's part of our bedroom...we're a little tight on space)...I wanted to start looking early so that I'd have enough time to find everything we need. As I've mentioned before, there isn't a whole lot around our area when it comes to used baby items. I lucked out last week though! We found a crib for $50 and the gentleman even gave us the changing table for free!!! I also decided since dressers are so expensive I'd buy a matching white shelf from Walmart (for $25) and buy some cute little baskets to put the baby's clothing in. It's pretty much the same idea and I can buy the kind of containers that allow me to add labels. My sister in law and her husband have also been kind enough to buy us some gifts early....she found some really nice items for a fraction of the price they are new. So we already have the crib, changing table, shelf (I'm buying this weekend), the bouncy seat (I think that's what it's called, lol....I'm new at this folks!) and the swing!!! I'll post better pics once it's all situated, for now it's in my living's a disaster! Lol! ;0) My mom also bought several maternity outfits (which I'm just about to start wearing...I'm struggling to squeeze into my regular clothes).

Praise GOD we also FINALLY have the medical issues squared away and my first appointment will be next Thursday the 20th. Secretly I'm hoping since I'll practically be 16 weeks by then I'll get lucky and they'll just tell us whether we're having a little boy or a little girl. Wishful thinking, I know...but a girl can hope...right?! ;0)

I hope all of you are doing well!


  1. Wow! Looks like you're doing a great job preparing early and finding some really nice deals! Now, you ARE going to tell us whether it's a boy or girl when you find out, right? ;-) Have a wonderful weekend Nadine! How are you feeling?

  2. I absolutely will let you know ;0) I'm dying to find out myself! I'm still feeling very nauseous most of the time. I had one really great day and then it was back to feeling blah....but hopefully that one day was a taste of what's to come. Thank you for asking...and I hope you have a great weekend too! Much love!

  3. Good finds! I'm excited for you!!!

  4. OMG...this baby stuff is so cute! Gets me even more excited! I can't wait to be an Aunt! I love you! Tell peanut I love him/her too. ;-)

  5. Bouncy chairs are the best! Addie slept in hers for the first several months. She also slept in our room (in the bouncy chair or playpen) for the first 6 months. I am so happy for you that you have alot of the "big" items already.