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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Maybe I should have...

...been a Florist! I LOVE LOVE LOVE flowers!!! I'm sure a lot of you have seen the movie "Love Happens" (I love that movie) the movie Jen Aniston plays a Florist...she owns her own cute little flower shop in Seattle! It just looks like the most fun job in the world to me!


  1. I love flowers too, and that movie is just adorable! Have an awesome weekend!

  2. i used to want to be a florist too!!! they sold greenhouse things for awhile at sam's club and i almost convinced my hubby to buy me one and stick it in our backyard so i could have a shop out of it! ha! if we lived closer we so could do it! : )

  3. Oh I'd jump on that opportunity girl...we'll just let eachother know if we happen to move closer lol! ;0)

  4. I love working with flowers, too! Kind of a fun way to relax. Congrats on your pregnancy! You're about two weeks behind me. :)