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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Jesus first

Others second

You last

I have no idea where or when I found this but I have had it for a long time, the other day it fell out of one of my books when I was cleaning. I thought I'd share...

Hope so far everyone is having a great week!

One and a half days until I get to see this little miracle wiggle around in my tummy! I'm so nervous because twins run in Josh's family and I'm still adjusting to the thought of having one baby...but I'm so excited! No matter what happens...we are blessed and thrilled to finally become parents.

I am still very humbled that GOD gave us this chance. I truly was not sure that it was ever going to happen this...while I hoped I'd get to experience pregnancy...I had managed to be at peace with the fact that no matter which way we'd create a family, it was special and part of GOD's perfect plan. It seems that when I finally stopped questioning GOD's will and timing and just trusted that it was perfect...our little miracle happened (and even if we hadn't gotten was still a great feeling to be at peace with GOD's will for our lives). Sometimes the only thing standing in our way is ourselves.

I think about how all of this came together and the timing, I definitely wouldn't have planned the last 5 months the way they played January I was heartbroken that all of my hard work in school was basically useless....once again. I didn't have any idea what I would do or how this would ever work out. I certainly at that point didn't think "now would be a GREAT time to get pregnant" lol....jobless, majorless, confused mess. It makes me laugh now. I look back and I realize...everything is slowly coming together and though I still can't really see how GOD will make it all work in the future...I can certainly see that everything that has happened in the past....happened for a reason and he's taken care of us through it all :0)

Faith and Hope and Trust are all things we learn through perserverance...I don't know of anyone out there to whom these things come naturally. It's human nature to doubt, fear and not trust anyone but ourselves. Once we learn them though, it's amazing what they can do!

I'm sorry that I'm still so absent in the blogging world. I love you all dearly and think of you often. Everything has been good, but very busy. As I've mentioned, when I am home...I'm still pretty tired (and sick a lot too....but no worries....)although while you're going through it, you really don't feel like's an honor to be able to experience it all. I'm not complaining by any means. I am, however, ready for that second trimester feel-good feeling ;0)


  1. Great inspiring post Nadine! Thanks for the reminder. Can't wait to hear your ultrasound report, and maybe see some pics??

  2. Can't wait to hear how the ultrasound goes!